Meet JC

JC is currently exploring the possibility of running for a Municipal Council seat in the 2013 local elections. He believes that Cainta needs a new breed of legislators; ready to respond to the timely needs of its constituents and to encourage youth participation in governance.

As a resident of Cainta for almost 7 years, JC has seen the promise of his newly-embraced town; the bustling gateway to a first-class province. He believes that what Cainta needs is an aggressive approach to legislation, one that looks forward to the future but does not neglect its rich past and the culture and heritage it brought with it.

JC brings to the table more than 7 years of public policy experience. A student rights’ activist back in college, JC has been actively involved with addressing campus issues such as tuition and fees, haircut policies, and student involvement in governance. As a student journalist, he is well-versed and is a strong advocate of Campus Journalism, and conducts seminars and workshops for the development of fresh talent in his hometown and elsewhere.

JC’s legislative experience competes with those in the real arena of politics. As the University of Santo Tomas’ (UST’s) Representative to the Union of Catholic Student Councils, he served as its majority floor leader, and Chairperson of the Committee on Rules and Policies, and Special Committee on Constitutional Amendments. Under his leadership, the UCSC constitution was revised and is still in full effect to this day. His landmark legislation includes the policy relax on member school admission, aimed at bringing in new member schools to the Union.

His extensive policy experience brought him further. In 2006, upon invitation of the Director for Youth Affairs of the Office of the Secretary for External Affairs-Office of the President, he served as one of the consultants for in-campus youth, delivering policy positions of the Philippine government to the level of colleges and universities. He was also designated to chair the Youth for Peace and Development.

Nothing is perhaps more compelling a proof of his excellence when he was invited by his fellow activists and community leaders to be a co-Convener of the “Sigaw ng Bayan Movement”, a national group advocating the Charter Change Advocacy through a People’s Initiative. He has gone nationwide to deliver the message and the benefits of this constitutional modality. Though the initiative was trashed by the Supreme Court in 2006, his advocacy for Charter Change and a shift to Federalism is with more fire than ever.

In 2010, JC together with more than 50 leaders from all parts of the nation convened in the Island Garden City of Samal to form the Centrist Democratic Movement. It was his honor to be one of the founding members of the movement, that has now spread in more than 20 provinces nationwide.

Today, if not busy going around, JC stays at home enjoying the company of his retired mother, Lourdes Masajo, and their 2 dogs. He currently chairs the Juniors for Change Movement, a local organization advocating for youth empowerment and women’s issues in Cainta.

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