I can still remember how Ondoy spat at the streets of Cainta with unimaginable amounts of water. The rains, which have been non-stop for one full day, began filling the streets and sank one-third of our municipality in deep and murky water. There was no electricity for days in Cainta, and it took my mother two days to go home from Central Market in Manila to Valley Golf in Cainta.

Our mayor and Vice Mayor, Mon Ilagan and Atoy Sicat, were quick to respond to the needs of their people. The local government was quick to organize civil defense personnel to respond to residents on the roofs of their homes, while the rest of the employees began packing relief packages for the hardest-hit. Our mayor and Vice Mayor, whose homes were in the lowlands of Cainta, were there to respond in spite of the damage to their own home.

Due to the heavy rains in Metro Manila and the floods that came with it during “Ondoy”, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo took the MRT to get to Camp Aguinaldo, where she directly coordinated civil defense efforts in most, if not all, of the provinces hit. Not long after, she went to Cainta and presided the NDCC meeting in Cainta’s Municipal Council Session Hall with Vice President de Castro, Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro, Rizal Governor Junjun Ynares, then Rizal 1st District Congressman Jack Duavit, and Cainta Mayor Mon Ilagan.

If Ondoy taught something to the people of Cainta, Marikina, and the rest of Ondoy victim places, it’s that the mere presence of the Chief Executive serves as a big moral boost in the direst situation. The Chief Executive is our source of strength and our source of hope in the worst of disasters.

Which leads us to the question: Where was President Noynoy Aquino on the night when Sendong was pounding on Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, and the rest of the Visayas? Answer: In a party.

The President has all the right to go to a party, more so, in the party of his closest guards, the PSG. But at such a time that a storm is approaching, the President can do better. As the servant of his “boss”, he should’ve ensured that Northern and Western Mindanao, as well as the entire Visayas, are cushioned to withstand the impact of Sendong.

The true character and strength of a leader is measured on the manner and speed to which he responds to the worst tragedies. In this case, we have seen the President with almost conscious non-desire to respond to the disaster in the South.

As of this writing, Cagayan de Oro and Ilagan City have 600 people dead, with funeral parlors not having the sufficient capabilities to service the bodies all at the same time. The Secretary of Social Welfare, Dinky Soliman, was a guest at DZRH this morning. Meaning, most of the officials are still in Imperial Manila when the disaster happened 800 kms. down south. They said they’re letting the Army do the work. So does this mean that they’re left here to go finish the parties in the President’s schedule?

The funny part is that the Aquino sisters tried to defend their brother’s action. That’s easy to say for people living in the secured abodes within Forbes Park, Valle Verde, and Times Street.

If there’s one thing that Sendong left us as a lesson, it’s the reality that our President is incapable to govern, and that he is out of touch with his boss, the people.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

10 Responses to Sendong

  1. People are saying that Gloria did nothing for the country, but look back to when she was still seated, Is PNOY doing the things she did? NO!, No matter what excuse the malacanang had for him, no chief executive will go to a party when the country he is serving is in peril. His sisters would say.. “life must go on?” Is this the type of family you would want to lead our country? A family who attends a scheduled party than to attend to the needs of the people and say…”Life must go on” People keep saying Gloria should have never been President of the country, why? Has she ever neglected her people who are in need? Has she ever came to a place destroyed by disasters without anything with her? NO but your great PNOY does. He comes to places with nothing with him (..stupidity), more so… did he ever come? immediately? NO
    So people should keep reminding themselves of this…. we can do something, which we have proven, even without him… so why vote him?

  2. elleica says:

    Indeed PNoy should have made his presence felt. At the very least he could have issued a statement. But no, all this time he has been in hiding. He can party, he has a right to but he should have also attended to his other priorities. And if laid back is his style, he should know that there are times and instances when being laid back is not the wisest nor best approach.

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  5. jasmine sy says:

    yes.i definitely agree…former pres.arroyo may have been accused with different cases ,in relation to her previous term ,but she did a lot of good things for her country ,a value,which a true president and government official must have to possess.This is NOT ONLY THE FIRST TIME.wherein situations like calamities, disasters and even a hostage drama ,that we haven’t FEEL THE PRESENCE OF OUR LEADER.I remember ,way back then ,former pres.arroyo always visits the areas that were affected,personally,right after the storm!but compared to noynoy,who responds to this LATE and dont consider this as emergent! .
    We’ll I wont disagree with his perspectives ,to fight corruption.but I think its not the immediate solution and the primary thing to do at the moment.Its how to improve Philippines ,on how government especially the palace ,respond to situations like this and how to deliver health and other services to its citizen that somehow may help the victims of the said calamity regain and start their life.
    How can PHILIPPINES stand up if the president alone doesn’t know what to do!

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  9. Shela says:

    People seems so “EASY” to criticize, but, let me ask you something, WHAT DID YOU DO TO HELP?

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