A Show of Strength is a Sign of Weakness

Sometimes, the only tool available to the weak is the show of brute and the indecent cry for public approval. And we can clearly see that now; a President constantly reinforcing his authority by virtue of public approval.

How can we entrust our government to a leader who constantly cries for public approval? As it shall, he will not make bold decisions that can change the course of the country to the positive, in fear of losing favor from the people.

But if there is one reality surrounding the people (and not just the Filipino people) is that we always think in the spirit of convenience. Take for example, going to the third floor of the building; we would rather take the elevator, regardless of its sedentary nature, than take the stairs which is good for the health. We often would opt to take the easy way out; notwithstanding long-term effects and impacts of our actions. Our President is no exception to this. He would rather be a popular president than be a good one. He would rather defy institutions than lose his grace from the people. He would rather bring us all down to dust in terms of economic policies, than spend the funds as mandated.

Yesterday, the President spoke in front of his allies in the mid the impeachment case filed against the Chief Justice, Renato Corona. He speaks proudly of it like an achievement, expecting that his Congressional allies will clap with approval. Knowing that the impeachment is now in the hands of the Senate, who shall then sit as judges, it would’ve been proper for him to be silent and appeal only for speedy resolution and impartiality.

Instead, he reinforces the deed of his Congress, a deed that was denied by his spokeswoman. He comes to their bosom like the righteous man, at a time when he knows that he needs it the most. This action is a sign of weakness in the strongest possible terms, and now cuts the fine line between democracy and tyranny.

English: Cropped picture of President Marcos i...

Former President Ferdinand Marcos

I would like to recall a little history in generals. Dictators have risen mostly because of their claim that they have the people on their side. And so they demolish institutions, carrying the so-called blessing of the people. The President’s own family rival, the Marcoses, have risen to power in almost the same manner. But if there was a difference, Marcos was wiser. Marcos believed still in the power of the Courts, and has made himself still subservient to the prevailing Constitution. At the standards of the time and of the 1973 Constitution, he was not above the law. This President, however, in an effort to elicit political vendetta, bastardizes the very Constitution his mother had a hand to, in the spirit of political convenience.

People, how do we want to be governed? Would we rather be governed by a Goliath; full of himself and confident even at the point of wrong? Or by a David who is humble and recognizes that he is weak and nothing without a Higher force, and who clearly took upon himself without volition to fight Goliath.

I would rather be governed by a person who is strong in the face of threats; than by a weakling who is threatened by the own ghost that he created.

Mr. President, Remember Joseph Estrada.

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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