Let Us Be the Inner Core of our Bi-colored Sun [A Message to my Partymates]

My dearest partymates,

I thank the Lord that we were given a time to meet again; after almost two or more years of not having seen each other. I am glad to have touched base again with the party I love with life anew by the great feats we have reached in the past few years.

Victory has been a sweet experience for us these past few years. It has given us the opportunity to put sweet talk into solid action. In the last years of the first decade of the second millennium we have proven that the sun, though setting at daybreak continues to rise at dawn, giving bright light that brightens life. The taste of victory was not experienced by four generations of our comrades; I myself as I was in AB never experienced an electoral victory. But all those years represented by the dark rays of our bi-colored sun are now history; offset by our successes and triumphs as we closed 2001-2010.

But do not let the rise of the sun deceive you. Light, though the greatest blessing, can blind. Looking at it directly and irresponsibly may bring damage to the eyes of the viewer, which may be uncured or uncorrected. The light is not the goal; it is the guide. The light shall lead us to the beautiful mornings of victory and height of noon-like success. But we must all remember that after the blinding brightness of the light emerges darkness; a beam of black that bring despair in the midst of failure.

While I believe strongly that success is a result of hard labor, I also believe that failure is the result of the same. However, what differs is the amount of motivation and fire that we have. In times of victory, we are measured by the amount of fire that we exert to maintain this state at the longest time possible. In times of defeat, we are measured by the amount of fire that we exert to let our principles live in life support until it once again rises from the lonely grave. Partymates, let us not lose our fire; the hot core of the bi-colored sun that exists in all of us.

Let us not lose touch of our past. Let us not allow victory to victimize us with complacence. Let us use this victory to make our principles viral; let this success feed our members’ desire to step up and be living examples of the principles we preach. Let us use this victory as a reminder that it is never perpetual; and that when the times of the sunset and the dark cold evening come, let these victories serve as the torches that will ease our blindness.

Partymates, DEKADA has lived on not solely because of its victories, but also because of our defeats. Our victories brought us leaders of extreme calibre and vision; our failures brought us leaders of persistence and perseverance. But what both share is the fire; the inner core of the bi-colored sun that has never been killed by the frost of the cold evenings, nor has lost heat in the midst of the noon.

As we enter a new DEKADA in AB, let us define the DEKADA Leadership as one that is not an ability nor a skill, but a spirit… One that transforms our members from common to great. Let us make DEKADA and its principles a spirit that possesses us all.

To all of my fellow DEKADA members, from 1991 to 2011, and those in UST and in San Beda Alabang, let us be the inner core of our bi-colored sun; kept aflame by our passion and commitment to service.



About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

One Response to Let Us Be the Inner Core of our Bi-colored Sun [A Message to my Partymates]

  1. Vincent Cifra says:

    Amen. God bless us all, even if it means that God should use Dekada to deliver the blessing, in other words, ‘nationalize Dekada’. The road may be hard and harsh; finance, propaganda, party discipline and loyalty, consistent public pressure, external opposition, etc. will all be parts of the challenges that will beset our dear bi-colored sun, but know this, history has taught us that ‘it is not impossible,’ things may be looked at in the start as crazy and intensely ideal, but if you look at the past, it has shown humanity that the greatest things in life are actually achieved by great ideas mostly deemed as impossible and not doable in the beginning. Even though the means are blurred for as long as the desire is clear, it will always be enough for us to act. The Philippines has created men of great principles and passion, but the problem is, they are all scattered around the archipelago, lost in the winds of national distress, confused and disillusioned about the very idea of hope. I believe that these men have not turned into liabilities, but certainly they also have not yet turned into national assets. All they need is an avenue to unite under one banner that reflects their being. I believe that Dekada can serve this purpose. Once united and concentrated, these men of principles and passion will conquer this nation, then they will turn into national assets, slowly they will infiltrate the congress, then the executive branch, and then the judicial. Gridlocks, vote-buying, weak rule of law, popularity politics, etc. will all disappear, and a single worldview will start to infiltrate the nation, once this stage has been achieved, nothing can anymore stop the republic from being like Singapore, Germany, China, Japan, etc. The greatest mistake our party could ever commit is to keep for ourselves the bright light of the sun that saves. There is hope, and that hope is Dekada. ‘All Out For COUNTRY!, No Exceptions! No Exclusions! DEKADA!’

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