A Government that Can Do Better

When Noynoy Aquino rose to prominence after the death of his mother, the Filipinos were led to believe that it will be a Golden Age in Philippine Post-EDSA politics; after almost ten years of having only one President at the tiller, many Filipinos looked forward to a new breed of leadership.

Though marred by allegations of fraud and thuggery, PGMA’s administration was one that’s hard to beat. During her term, she has stabilized the national currency, built infrastructure, and raised to country from an Asian kitten to a second world tiger. Admit it or not, everyone can clearly see the difference of the Philippines from 2000 and today. And like any constitutionally elected leader, she knew her time to step down would come.

And so we see her former student in Ateneo now at the helm of government. But unlike the teacher whose focus was on the economic fundamentals, the student had one focus altogether; the jailing of his teacher. That was clearly seen on the first day of his leadership; establishing a Truth Commission to specifically find evidence against the former President. And successful he was not; for in the eyes of the Constitution, it is against the bill of rights to specifically create a body to persecute or prosecute a single person.

A year and some months have passed and we have not seen a concrete program from this administration. People now see the return of street crimes, at higher rates than before; the incidence of hunger and poverty among many of our citizens; and economic fundamentals once at the peak now falling apart. Add to these injuries the seemingly bratty behavior of an unico hijo President, bashing institutions of his liking in his liking, regardless of the time or place, falsely illusioned that he still has the people on his side.

This government can do better; but it chooses not to. The government has elected the persecution of Congresswoman Arroyo to be its crowning glory? Of course, at the expense of a poor performing economy, height of crime, and destruction of institutions. Why can’t this government seem to find another subject to keep its political hard-on? Why not focus its energies on dividing the Luisita lands expediently? Or providing electricity to all the country’s barangays? Or address population growth through the Reproductive Health Bill? I still believe that this government can do better.

This government can be compared to the game of the L.A. Galaxy and the Philippine Azkals. Mr. President, sometimes, looks (or the lack thereof) are not enough. Governance requires hardwork; it requires the constant movement for the betterment of this nation.

Enough of the sweet talk, Mr. President, the campaign is over. You’ve won. And though not exactly convinced, I still believe you can do better.

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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