Leave the Judiciary Alone

“Kung may isang lingkod-bayan na tumatanaw ng utang ng loob, hindi sa taumbayan na siyang dapat na bukal ng aming kapangyarihan, kundi sa isang padron na isiniksik siya sa puwesto, maaasahan po kaya natin siyang intindihin ang interes ng Filipino.”

-President Noynoy Aquino

The President has gone too far.

As the last bastion of law and order, it is an imperative that the Supreme Court and its justices be exempt from the sing and dance of politics. But the last few weeks, the administration has done nothing but to instill into the minds of the people that almost all– if not some — of the SC Justices are Arroyo puppets.

Members of his political party even asked the Chief Justice to inhibit, citing that his appointment by the former President may cloud his sense of judgment. They also cited his consistent voting record for PGMA’s court pleadings. But if this was to be done, should it not be proper to request the inhibition of the Aquino-appointed Justices, citing their consisting voting record for PNoy’s illegal acts? I guess it would be, but we should not do it, for it is an act of the weak and the distrustful.

I fully respect the President’s prerogative to speak about any topic or any person, but like any spoken word, it requires timing and prudence and respect. In the first place, as our Head of Government, he should set the finest example of prudence.

If the Chief Justice and the Court decides in favor of CGMA now, let history be their judge. History convicts and vindicates people in power. Let history assume that role. For now, let them be the judge; respect their decision. Let legal luminaries resolve legal disputes. Be part of the audience. After all, you’re not a lawyer, Mr. President.

Do your job of uplifting the economy, generating jobs, and addressing issues of the citizens. Leave the Judiciary alone.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

2 Responses to Leave the Judiciary Alone

  1. john dela cruz says:

    gone too far you think??? i guess he’s just starting for he knows majority of the filipino people are behind him, gone were the days that you just sit & relax & let the HISTORY be their judge… 🙂

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