With power comes responsibility. But this administration has shown us otherwise.

In the light of the recent political events in the Philippines, President Noynoy and his allies have shown the slightest prudence towards their considered enemies. And many Filipinos, sadly, find joy in such behavior.

I understand completely the ultimate vow of this administration to make the corrupt accountable; and I am with that. It is true, those who have been PROVEN to have committed these acts should pay for their wrongdoing no matter who he or she is. Public office, after all, is public trust. And no one is definitely above our law.

But if we closely examine the behavior of the President’s alter egos and the statements they hurled to the press on the reported threat to President Arroyo and the decisions of the High Court, you will see that it’s not as cheerful yellow as they want all of us to see.

Take, for example, Secretary Butch Abad, the Secretary of Budget and Management. When interviewed on the threats against the life of his former boss (prior to their treachery), he said that CGMA’s spokeswoman, Elena Bautista-Horn, should see a psychiatrist and have a psych exam. Len Horn replied joyfully in agreement, provided that Abad, the entire Cabinet, and the President would do the same.

Clearly, arrogance has taken over the Palace of the People; a palace that should be at the strictest objectivity at a time of crisis. We now see a Palace on war mode, saying statements that festoon nothing but their arrogance and their lack of media savvy.

The President himself has shown his arrogance. In a speech before his bourgeoisie allies at the Makati Business Club, he questions the decisions of the High Court, especially in the issuance of a TRO in 3 days when the usual turnaround time was 10 days. Why did the President not question the more speedy feat of Pasay City RTC Judge Mupas who issued an arrest warrant within a day from the filing of a complaint against CGMA. I guess that’s faster.

Secretary Leila de Lima has also been arrogant. Knowing the decision of the High Court on her watchlist order, she disallowed still CGMA to leave the country for medical treatment. She cites that the disbarment case against her is just part of a demolition job. Wow!

I’m proud I did not cast a vote for this government.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

5 Responses to Arrogance.

  1. john dela cruz says:

    its ok to show arrogance if you know that they’re making your people stupid, until now you still believe the SC with regards to cgma’s case, napakatanga mo naman!?!?! …surgeon of cgma told pasay rtc under oath that the ex-president will be discharged from the hospital (st.lukes) within 2 days & can be treated as an outpatient & she will be fully recovered in a month’s time… don’t you still get it?! pinagloloko tayo lalo na ikaw! manood ka ng news! …kung pagpipilitan mo pa sayo, d nga nakapagtataka na kaya hindi umuunlad pilipinas dahil ang daling gaguhin ng mga taong kamukha mo!

  2. carlomasajo says:

    Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  3. mateo dela cruz says:

    Oo madali talaga gaguhin lalo na ngayun tingnan mo kung gaano ka galing presidente natin masyado palpak sa lahat ng bagay simula sa unang EO nya hangang ngayun puro bukol inabot..look around you may nagbago ba sa pangako nya? meron naman pala puro pagtaas ng bilihin, gasolina.. tumaas na toll fee nilagyan pa ng tax mahal dumaan sa daang matuwid, ang daang matuwid na pinangako hukay pala ang sa dulo..

    Manuod ka ng NEWS lalo na sa ABS CBN puro maganda balita sa Presidente! hahahaha
    madali talaga gaguhin ng media ang tao lalo na paghawak ng aquino!

    brod wag ka manuod ng news.., dapat makiramdam ka sa paligid mo lalo na sa probinsya wala naitu2long Presidente natin ngayun! sana nga mabago nya buhay ng tao sa mga su2nod na taon..

    Balita ko sa taong darating gagastos na daw ang gobyerno sabi ni PNOY..simple lang naman kasi local election na sa 2013 alam na ninyo kung bakit yan ga2stos pambraso yan sa mga local officials.

    simple lang naman ang punto! mataas parin ang presyo ng GALUNGONG!

  4. Bing T. delos Santos says:

    Hi John, it’s PITIABLE for those that HAVE, NOT ONLY a CLOSED EYES, CLOSED HEART, CLOSED and CLOUDED MINDS, but their SPIRIT that is IMPRISONED in a zombie-like physical body!

    Their understanding are so CLOUDED, so their good reasons are OUT of TOUCH with REALITY! THESE PEOPLE have SIMPLE MINDS, so CHISMIS heard, becomes their “holy creed”.

    SAYANG, GOD gave them a MIND to use INTELLIGENTLY but it’s ALL GONE to WASTE! The best thing for you to do is, BLESS THEM! BLESS ALL of THEM! Kahit na nakakainis!

    Anyway, GOOD LUCK to your sense of duty, JUST KEEP it UP and KEEP it GOING!

  5. john dela cruz says:

    so you run as councilor from the previous election under GMA’s LAKAS-KAMPI… no wonder… 🙂

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