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After the melodramatic political events that unfolded before us last week, some members of the House of Representatives, namely: Honorable Antonio Tinio (PL-ACT TEACHERS) and Honorable Teddy Casiño (PL-BAYAN MUNA). Congressman Tinio said that the numerous cases filed against Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo may make it difficult for her to discharge her duties as representative of Pampanga, while Congressman Casiño claimed that her continuing discharge of her office tarnishes the honor of Congress.

The call for then-President Arroyo to resign is legitimate; it is part of the democratic process and the constituency which she serves was the whole Filipino nation. And as the servant of the nation, anyone around the country can freely raise a placard, air their grievance, and ask her to resign. And for almost six years that’s what these people have been doing.

But we have gone past the 2010 finish line for PGMA; the first letter of her acronym has changed to “C” (or “R” for others). She’s a congresswoman now, representing Pampanga’s second district. And if she were to take such marching orders to resign, it must come from her district, and not from anybody else.

As to the fears of Congressman Tinio that CGMA will not be able to properly discharge the duties of her office, and assuming without conceding that such could be true, Congresswoman Arroyo is only one of the many members; she does not even hold a major office within the House. And most of the fundamental functions of a legislator can be done within detention. While undergoing trial, she may seek the permission of the Court to attend sessions to fulfill the fullness of her legislative function. There should be no problem. Or perhaps they fear that there will be no other subject of discourse in the House. Resigning is such a dishonorable action, and nothing has been proven in the courts.

As to the issues of Congressman Casiño that CGMA tarnishes the honor of the chamber; the glory or downfall of the House of the People rests not on one person – as it is called the House of Representatives, not the House of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. If the honor of the chamber is at its lowest, it is not of her causing, but because of the inaction or conscious effort of the chamber to improve its perception. The honor of the House rests upon all its members.

While their opinions are respected in the spirit of democracy, they must not teach people what to do and when to do it. The Constitution and the Rules of the House indicate when a congressman is discontinued from service mandatory; they could wait for that at their convenience. But resignation is a personal matter; it is a decision of an individual that must not be coerced or pushed solely by often-misguided public perception.

The people of the 2nd District of Pampanga has not spoken, and so she stays; and SHE SHOULD.


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