In a month, I will turn 24; an age still young — still within the calendar, the 6/49 lottery, and the bingo card. But for me, it counts as passed a year less to quarter a century; years spent on productive toil aimed at nothing.

Youth was a privilege I never got to enjoy. My life then revolved on family and school; on chore and obligation. Puberty was a time of premature self-discovery — opening my eyes to realities that cannot wait and had to be addressed at that phase of my life. Teenage years were times of self-proof. Adulthood is such a damn chore; me falling in love with something that loves you back through fortnightly dowries. Where was life? Where is life? I wonder…

I never expected time to fly this fast. And with its fast turn, I realized, have I even started living? I live in a context of pain and hardship all because of my ill calculations. But you have to face the music, and continue on: after all, living is an option, not a requirement. You live it you want, you waste it if you want. The only constant words in both phrases are “YOU” and “WANT”.

Much has been done, much has been said, much is to repair. But hope is in bounty, and God is Eternal. I’m born luck (I know), but luck is subject to proper use, and second chances are given not to be wasted. I’ll try to get through year 23 of my life and face aging with hope, responsibility, and hopefully, with a 24th chance to living.

Have a great Sunday y’all! G’day!


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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