The Flooding Must Stop

After the typhoon Ondoy, the residents of my town, Cainta, Rizal, has been ravaged again and again by floods smaller in magnitude by what Ondoy has caused, but poses the same health hazards and inconvenience towards our people. Every time strong rains come, expect substantial flooding in Ortigas Avenue Extension, Marcos Hiway, and in parts of Felix Avenue. And with flooding in these areas come the traffic jams, murky waters and the trash that floats on it.

During my 2010 campaign, I have proposed to many of our constituents a solution to mitigate the flooding in our municipality. We will all eventually grow tired of blaming this to topography. We must now altogether act to make sure that Cainta does not become the next Venice of Southern Tagalog.


In the 2010 campaign, I have stressed the greater need to invest on prevention rather than on cure. Our municipality must not solely invest its resources on purchasing relief goods and amphibian boats and blankets. We must also make bold investments in clearing the waterways, and becoming an active stakeholder in the rehabilitation of the Pasig River and the Laguna Lake. When cleaned, the water that comes as a result of heavy rain will be channeled through the Pasig River and Floodway, and will make Laguna Lake a viable catch basin. In the long run, it will not only save Cainta, but as well as the surrounding municipalities. This will also mitigate the financial loss brought about by disruption of business and of movement of goods and services.


The 8th Congress passed a law providing for the construction of waterworks, rainwater collectors, and rehabilitation and construction of water wells (You can read a copy of the law Republic Act 6716). According to this law signed by President Cory Aquino, barangays are empowered to do the abovementioned in partnership with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) through a group called “The Barangay Waterworks and Sanitation Association”. This group shall be in charge of monitoring these barangay-based infrastructure. If implemented in Cainta, the barangays shall be empowered to construct rain water collectors that can serve as drinking or industrial use water to satisfy demands of the barangay. We can have these structures activated during the rainy days to collect water which we can use as body wash for barangay and municipal vehicles, as water for plants, and for other conceivable purposes. If paired with the Cainta Civil Defense Investment Program, it could really help address the means to remove the floodwater from the streets.


As Mayor Mon Ilagan’s 9 year stint comes to a close two years from now, I hope and pray that it be his legacy to be the mayor to address the flooding issue of our municipality. As a fellow journalist and fellow Thomasian, I believe that he is equipped with the leadership and political will to make this a reality for our dear town.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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