Noynoy’s Administration: An Assessment of His First 2 Months

Four defective executive orders (three of which are in the courts), a constant array of miscommunication of its self-made “Communications” group, and a hostage crisis that defined the first 100 days of his presidency; Noynoy Aquino has a more challenging path ahead.

I did not vote for Noynoy, but I think I already have seen enough to pose preliminary judgment about his presidency. After all, in his inaugural speech, he said “Kayo ang boss ko…”. Well, Pangulong Noynoy, “Ako po ang tipo ng boss na nag-eevaluate every other month.”

On Removal of “Midnight Appointees”

Yesterday I heard from my friend Marvin Segura that National Youth Commission Commissioner-at-Large Leslie Cordero was one of the innocent victims of PNoy’s EO on midnight appointments. I personally know Commissioner Leslie, and I have seen her really deliver in terms of addressing youth issues and concerns. Hindi siya ang tipong nagpapapogi o nagpapasarap lang sa puwesto. I believe on her deep sense of commitment towards the issues of the youth, particularly those in the far-flung provinces of the country.

But Leslie was removed due to PNoy’s EO. Did PNoy even dare check her credentials nor check what she has been doing? I think my employee is lax on this.

This indicates the judgment paradigm of the PNoy government; it generalizes. It does not take time to check on issues, but rather, jumps into a generalized solution that may not fit all circumstances. In my view, the Aquino government has failed to recognize that some appointees may actually be good, but were only victims of an already waning government. Did Noynoy even realize that as far as prima face is concerned, they have been appointed legally and must have given the courts the chance to adjudicate on the matter? I think the nation’s top and star employee was wrong on this.

On His Continuing Quest to Prosecute PGMA

I applaud PNoy’s cause to make people accountable for their actions, but such quest must be done in the spirit of fairness and objectivity. PNoy’s move to form a “Truth Commission” whose task is to find incriminating evidence against former President Gloria M. Arroyo is at all angles unfair. The executive, as far as my basic constitution class in concerned, must busy itself with making sure that laws are executed in its proper spirit and interpretation. It is not the executive’s mandate to pass judgment (or lean towards doing so) against a person, whoever he or she maybe.

Noynoy has disregarded the constitutional mandate of the Ombudsman, and other judicial bodies to determine the truth, and he has been making a public campaign to make PGMA look like a corrupt bitch in front of the Filipino people. Though he may find pleasure in it, he must leave it to the courts. The Davide Truth Commission, for me, is a vehicle to find fault and pass judgment in an unfair ground.

Let me make my stand clear, I am for the prosecution of corrupt officials, if they truly are, but judgment of which must be left to the courts of law.

On PNoy’s Communications Group

Secretaries Sonny Coloma, Ricky Carandang, and Manolo Quezon must be given cubicles right beside each other. I think they don’t talk. Sonny Coloma says one thing, Ricky Carandang says another. It is surprising for a Comm Group of top media practitioners to be dinged for inconsistency. And their inconsistency has led us to new heights; the wrath of Donald Tsang.

One says Tsang did not call, the other says Tsang called. The Hong Kong CE said he called. I have no reason not to believe Donald Tsang. His people were being slaughtered which was pretty much the meat of his concern. I think Edwin Lacierda will do. One spokesman is fine. Two is too much, and three is a poison.

PNoy Overall

His administration’s vindictive approach towards PGMA, their gross mismanagement of the hostage crisis at the Quirino grandstand, their seeming lack of stance on memos and orders, and the inconsistencies of the Communications Group, are hopefully not an overview of this six-year administration. I think Noynoy needs more skills in governance, and enough of his media-savviness.

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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