Activities [01/25/2010 – 01/31/2010] The Campaign Moves On

It’s Monday once again and I have to (yet again) balance my schooling and my political career. MOnday’s quite a busy day for anyone; all the more if you are a student and politician. Your schedule begins even before the sun graces the ground, and ends before sunrise, a few minutes before you have to wake up again.

With 8 weeks before official campaign period begins, I am focused to ensure that I have achieved my desired political and strategic positioning to prep me for the arduous battle ahead. The JCM meetings are set to begin on Wednesday, and a barrage of programs and projects are set to begin by February, all part of my objective to be within the Top 8 in the next scheduled survey.

The JCM meetings are set to formally introduce the Juniors for Change Movement as a new auxiliary engine in pursuing our social objectives. The first of which shall laud from right beside my own village, in Upper 4, where I shall have a discourse on their issue of not having their own waterline. On the same day, I am set to visit the INC’s Cainta local minister to formally submit my certificate of candidacy and my program of government. Also on the same day I am set to have a meeting with the transport sector of Cainta to introduce my Tricycle Loans Program should I get elected. I shall also meet with the Municipal Health Officer Dra. Olga Abellanosa to discuss the state of healthcare and what actions could be taken to improve its conditions.

Friday will prove to be just as hectic. My second JCM caucus will be in Kabisig, where I aim to have snacks and discussions with 100 leaders from the floodway area. I aim to do a school visit to check the public education conditions, and talk to faculty members on potential areas of action and common concern.

If the medicines will arrive on time, I will be holding my second medical mission in General Ricartte in the morning, and meet the women’s sector in my home in Cainta. Afterwhich I shall immediately head to the JCM caucus in Balanti, Bgy. San Isidro. I will immediately leave, after then, to head to Batangas to celebrate the 1st death anniversary of my uncle.

Sunday will also witness a medical mission in GRUAR, and shall have a JCM caucus there in the evening to discuss the state of affairs in the area. I aim to spend the entire day in GRUAR to visit at least each household and ensure that their neighboring community, San Buena, is prepared for the JCM caucus in the succeeding week.

Much has been done. I, together with my strong and resilient campaign team have built a house from dust. They have propelled this candidacy from an almost demised and hopeless candidacy to one that has brightened with the flicker of hope; the hope we wish to share to the entire town.

Peace. And Happy Birthday to the mother and icon of Philippine Democracy, Corazon Aquino.

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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