Hound of Dominic

Another complaint has been filed against me by the abusive regent of my college, Rev. Fr. Edgardo Alaurin, OP, assisted by his hound Mr. Raul Ortega. The said complaint has yet to be served, especially considering that the tyrant of CFAD is not acquainted with the concept of due process. While this is a great disturbance to schooling and my candidacy here in Cainta, I embrace it with fullness and with the excitement to respond to the issues at bar.

I am no stranger to the tyranny of the regent’s administration. In 2007, the Regent has also been instrumental in barraging me with complaints as filed by the then Dean Jaime delos Santos and College Secretary Jean Reintegrado. The hearing of those complaints centered on the destruction of my name and credibility and did not fully tackle the issues at hand. The usual… A Catholic university and a Dominican frair who is everything bu Christian.

On Monday, I will be filing a clarificatory inquiry with the Rector of the University, Rev. Fr. Dela Rosa, OP, on the true role a Regent must fulfill in a college where he is of jurisdiction. In my view, the Regent has gone beyond his borders in the discharge of his mandate; and has already stepped way too far into functions that a dean must perform. It is imprudent for an official to be overlapping with the function of the college chief executive.

Of course, being a student, I expect the university to treat my case with a system where I prove MY innocence than them PROVING my guilt. As soon as I receive the complaint/s/ (I’m not sure how many), we will respond with quickness so that all may be put to rest. Just the same, should nothing of the allegations are proven, I will be filing slander cases in the local courts and have these people FULLY accountable for the destruction they have brought to my name and reputation.

As a politician and a student of the university, it is incumbent upon me to advance my principles at all levels of my existence. I run under the banner of stoppage of abuses, which I have lived up to until today.

The corruption occurring in the college of fine arts right now is not only a corruption of the pocket, but a sheer expression of gluttony for power. We clearly see a hound of Dominic so hungry for power that he treats everything with an iron fist, expecting to extract sincerity and compassion. It must be remembered, what you sow is what you reap.

I strongly feel that the behavior of Rev. Fr. Alaurin is not only a breach of moral and ethical standards for cleric-administrators but an abuse of his moral and political authority. He blows as low as to threaten me about a fallacious probation, and a threat to drop me from the college’s rolls — what power does he have to do that.

I shall as well file a complaint before the Dominican province to ask for an investigation to the behavior of the Regent which I find unpriestly. All documents shall be duly received by the respective office by the opening of business hour, Monday.

Peace. The battle has begun, yet again.

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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