As the 2010 local and national elections draw near, people must begin a critical examination of national and local candidates. After all, the officials we’re electing are not only going to serve us in dealing with domestic issues, but will (or will not) propel us to the vision of being a 1st class economy by 2020.


GIBO Teodoro has been the hallmark of constructive politics. His campaign has been the example of a principled and prudent national political campaign; one that presents the problem/s and the issues providing its context, proposing the abstract solution, and presenting a program that embodies the proposed solution. Enough of the campaign that rides on the popularity of kiths and kins, or a campaign that coattails on anger and desires vengeance and vindication. It is time that politicians, national and local, wage a campaign of positive disposition — tackling problems and solutions than personalities. GIBO has demonstrated to us that politics is an issue-based battle; a war of ideas. Let wrong ideas be casualties of this war, and not people. With his demonstration of wit and prudence, GIBO has elevated himself into a national statesman.


If you check GIBO’s website (click here), he presents an overview of the country’s regions, its strengths and weaknesses, and rooms for growth and improvement. Check other websites and you will see platforms that do not have a clear cut program of implementation. The same is seen in Nicanor Perlas’ campaign website (click here) who also campaigns positively.


Unlike many of his competitors, who are either accused (or proven) to be corrupt or incompetent, GIBO has not been criticized as either. His father, Gilbert Sr., is a man who joined and left the government with his dignity intact. GIBO has never been dragged in a corruption scandal. His academic record has been superb; topping the BAR, being a New York state lawyer, and a licensed commercial pilot – these demonstrate his competence. In debates, he has exuded intellect in addressing issues properly. Both his academic and political track record speaks of his readiness for the presidency.


GIBO is a president whose intellect can bring us places; perhaps even to the vision we so long to have come true. In the next elections, I hope that we all support candidates like GIBO to ensure that our country is entrusted to people who does not only govern responsibly, but responsively, just as in my slogan: MAY ALAM. MAY PAKIALAM., a derivative of GIBO’s Galing at Talino. If I may add one more GT: Greatness and Trustworthiness.

As one of the youngest candidates and members of the LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD, I will be very proud to usher Gilbert “GIBO” Teodoro to the presidency.




About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

2 Responses to Why GIBO?

  1. Hi JC, can we post this article to the blogsite of Sec. Teodoro? Thanks…

  2. MDGamboa says:

    Good Read. Sulong, G1BO.

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