Living it with Love.

If there’s one great achievement in life that I am most take pride of, it is how I lived the way I did.

How did I?

I lived filled with love. Filled with love for Go, my family, my friends, and for people I hold with a special hand; those which I share affection with in the most peculiar ways.

Take for example, Miguel.

I loved him, despite whatever was there, and whatever came. Love is not only we share with people who can promise a lifetime of its reciprocation; but to those whose lives are temporal yet resolves to create a deep incision that changes our lives forever.

Take for example, another.

I loved him in much more ways than he anticipates. As a result thereof, I tend to say stupid things. But as they say, we say the most stupid things to the people we love the most. Stupid things are the sweetest. Despite misunderstandings, I continue to exercise my love for another.

If there’s a memory I’ll leave, it’s the way I lived my life; I lived it with love.

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

One Response to Living it with Love.

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