July is “Tour” Time

It won’t be the usual month, that’s for sure.

I have seen my schedule for this month. And if all goes as scheduled, then July will be a very busy month. I have seen the tentative schedules of medical missions and feeding programs, but now I have to add the “Iskolar ni JC” tour, where I will be offering my constituents free training for call center and software development (visit https://akosijcmasajo.wordpress.com/iskolar-ni-jc). I have also began my stints visiting wakes and all the other social tidings of a politician.

While I am also scheduled to leave the country this month (which I had to cancel because of the pandemic and some schedule misfits), I will try my best to juggle classes, campaign, and meetings. Sleep is rare and will be dearly missed, just as lovelife, coffee night with friends, and other personal tidings of an ordinary man.

As I begin going around town again, I really hope that I get to know as many people as possible, not only for political reasons, but because I just want meeting new people. They say that meeting new people makes people younger looking, and it’s less expensive than a diamond-peel.

I will definitely chronicle much of my activities here, so please do not forget to visit from time to time. You can also visit my Facebook Fan profile: Just look for JOHN CARLO “JC” MASAJO, and my face will appear. There are links of interests there that can make your site visit worthwhile. Schedules are posted there as well.

Peace. Welcome, campaign season.

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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