The Tough Keep Going.

With the myriad of obstacles I face as I begin the actual planning stages of this campaign, I begin to be confronted by extreme doses of doubt. As of now, my bank account remains at its 78 peso balance left; my family has not expressed their support upfront; and, I might not be able to completely go around the hundreds of sitios of my town before the filing of the COC. All these are enough to put me down and forget this campaign altogether; yet, I am resolved to see this campaign through amid the difficulties I face on a daily basis.

The Money Issue

Unlike many of my potential rivals here, I am way less funded than them. As of now, much of the materials that are underway have been contributed by my friends and some who have expressed support. Some have come from my pocket which is expected of politicians. It has been said that, to win as a municipal councilor, a candidate must spend a minimum of Php 2 million pesos. Where on earth will I unearth that amount??? Well, I do not know as of now but I know that, with God’s aid and with the aid of some friends, I will be able to raise enough funds to sustain the elections.

But with creative ideas and some non-monetary commitments, a potential candidate can compete. As for me, some friends have committed to buy on my behalf tarpaulins; a very crucial PR collateral for elections. Some friends have committed to extend help through assistance in major and minor projects. As of now, a good friend of mine has committed to assist me in medical and surgical missions, which is a very big help considering the expenses involved in organizing one.

I have had produced my own, as well. I am expecting a total revenue of Php 70,000.00 from June to October from interests of lent money. All of these I intend to put through my campaign bankroll. I intend to auction some of my unneeded items with high hopes of earning money enough to add to the campaign account. But in politics, where money is ALWAYS a concern, I just can’t seem to raise enough funds most of the time.

The Issue of Support

My family has not expressed support for my candidacy; this tempts to feel bad. However, because I am just so busy prepping for the thing, I just don’t have the time tog get distracted and angry. I just let it pass; after all, if they do not intend to support me, I won’t take it against them; moreso, their decision not to support me won’t make me love them any less, especially my mother.

I strongly feel that public life is my calling, however, my mother does not approve of the entire idea in fear that I might not be able to handle defeat so well. As a kid I rarely lose or face defeat because I try to avoid being in the situation. But politics is such a different arena; it gives you frustrations and disappointments and insecurities. It is an emotional rocket ride. And I know that my desire to run for public office will be one hell of a nasty experience. My mom fears that, all of that.

Funds have not showered to me, especially from my family. It seems to me that they are estranged to have their ambitious son, niece, or cousin run for an elective position. I hail from a family of people who chose the safe path, and were successful only by an inch from their previous status quo. I just do not want to take the safe path, for it brings you nowhere but where you started. Not even an aunt or a cousin bothered and thought that they could help. They all bashed me and dismissed my desire. I run this election admitting that part of it is for purpose of vindication.

However, I remain confident that they will help in whatever way they can.

Politics is really tough, and when the going gets tough, the tough (or the feeling tough) must keep going.

COUNTDOWN: 175 days from filing of COC


(Please do not forget to sign up for Team JC! please send in an email to so we can enlist you and set our 1st general assembly. Thanks and peace.)

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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