A State of Fundlessness

Fundless. That is the strongest adjective that describes my campaign as of this moment. With a myriad of programs up and coming by June such as feeding programs and medical/dental missions, and meetings, I have no idea on earth how to fund them. I have been reviewing expenditure plans presented to me without any idea on earth how to fund them. For a neophyte politician such as myself without the extensive political clout nor the fountains of liquid cash, this campaign gets more and more difficult every single day.

Money is perhaps the first requisite to a successful politician, given how money actually moulds public opinion in many areas of our country; my town is of course of not exception. With the political culture we have today, money plays a very important role on the careers of politicians, old and new alike. For seasoned politcians, money is key to maintain re-election streaks; for newbies, it is the key to penetrate the government. May it be money to give to financial assistance requests or for tarpaulins and election paraphernalia, money is key in building a public persona; which is key in being a successful politician.

As of now, my Metrobank account has 78.00, while my RCBC account has 95.00. But my campaign gets by through financial and non-financial help from friends, acquaintances, and some members of the family. While I have money enough to fund 4 feeding programs, food for 2 medical missions, and to support a COMELEC sattelite registration, I have no idea how to move on after that. But I know that, with God’s help and hardwork, I will be able to get through all these hurdles successfully.

I did not come from a family of politicians, nor do I come from an elite family. I came from a family of men and women who labored tirelessly to climb from the dust and ashes of poverty to become members of the robust middle class; with steady incomes and with enough money to afford some luxuries in life. But if there’s one thing I have learned as our family climbed this ladder, it is that great effort is rewarded heavily by the heavens. And in this elections, despite some broke moments, I will cling onto this family trait to keep my campaign surviving. Better days will always come.

It will be June 1, 2009 tomorrow which reminds me that in 6 months, Certificates of Candidacies will be filed. And I have a great deal of time to inch higher into the collective consciousness of my constituents. With or without money, I will run. Thanks to the family fighting spirit I have inherited; no hurdle is put that we cannot leap upon.



About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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