Pink Bloc can Decide 2010 Presidential Elections (1)

If  Ang Ladlad party-list’s figures are to be believed that 10% of the electorate is LGBT, then the LGBT community can be the strongest political force in the potentially tight 2010 polls. Six million votes can spell a large difference between the first placer (who eventually becomes President), and the second placer (who eventually rants that he/she was cheated).

However, solidifying this force will be extremely difficult.

It is very difficult to solidify a sector with members hiding under the shadows and dark alleys of society. Because of the stayed presence of homophobia in the country’s suburbs, provinces, and other geographical pockets, homosexuals cannot be identified properly and organized. While there are existing LGBT advocacy groups and networks, the circumstances do not permit them to optimize socio-political operations and consolidate the gay vote. Add to that the fact that closet homosexuals who, even if itched to join the political activities as LGBT’s, whould choose not to because of unacceptance of families and potential discrimination at workplaces. Homosexuality in our country is like leprosy; for you not to get a taste of discrimination and upfront character downgrading, you stay udner the radar; at the sides of society. Organizing the pink vote may create divisions among LGBT’s ourselves, since there are those who are OUT and PROUD, and there are those who are still in the hiding.



About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

One Response to Pink Bloc can Decide 2010 Presidential Elections (1)

  1. Wilberchie says:

    be back later cant wait to read the whole thing. I’m an ANG LADLAD member. =D

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