I just can’t stop ranting about the treacherous deed of “Nicole”, the woman who cried rape but eventually recanted. Not only did she disrespect the cause of women in the Philippines; she did all those in pursuit of a green card. How much of a whore is she? I must say, she’s a whore with class since she put her vagina on the line for a US Visa. Women’s groups and other organizations who supported her in the past buzz the media with lines to the tune of “this is not Nicole’s fault” and “this is technically wrong”, all of which exempting Nicole from the actual act of recanting the testimony.

Nicole’s such a whore, and that I can’t get over. She is no different from the MAKAPILI’s of World War II and other treacherous people over the course of our long history. In the 21st century, where sex is a power tool, Nicole inched her way to the continental US by crawling through her vagina, using it to attarct US servicemen, cry rape, eventually get the visa, and recant her previous claim. How parallel to the storyline of the lives of traitors; of political prostitutes.

Just blogged to bitch about Nicole. After all, she a bitch worth bitching at.

Peace again, Nicole. May you and your treacherous vagina go to hell.

P.S.: VFA is not the issue here, I believe. The issue here is the depletion of honest and dignified Filipinos who says the truth and fights for it. The issue here is where do we find the truth in a world filled wioth treason.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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