The DEKADA Principle

The downside of democracy is that no matter how righteous you are, or deserving of something, it is the majority’s voice that prevails. The majority’s decision rules even if such does not approve your taste or desire. That’s just how democracy works. Democracy has its way of natural selection.

After the hard fought 2009 CSC and LSC elections, the results are finally out and DEKADA, my mother party, experienced another devastating defeat against the other parties. This is the 5th zero of DEKADA. But even if it’s the 5th, it’s just as painful as the other 4 zeroes we encountered. Take it from someone who experience two of the 1st four.

When DEKADA lost in 2006, I was crushed crying about why the AB students continue to vote for dishonest and traditional politicians. However, in the prayer, which I led, I still thanked the Lord for the gift of friendship and for the prevalence of His Divine and Unending Wisdom on the party. DEKADA was the party I dearly loved, and the only family I had in AB then.

When I returned to the university in 2007, I armed myself with much courage to do what I believe is right; to be an advocate of the Thomistic principle of truth illumined by wisdom. And when I discovered corrupt deeds and misgivings of some university administrators, I fought them head on, even at the expense of my own life and future, just to make it right. At the end of the day, I realized that change cannot be achieved in a day. But why continue on?

My DEKADA principle told me to advocate for whatever is best and right, even if it dissents popular culture or opinion. Even if you only share the battlefield with corpses of dead comrades or the spirits of elders, you continue to fight. If you die, accept it. War is like that; life is like that. But the war will not be won if everyone will hide in the bunkers and not risk their lives shooting to win.

DEKADA taught me to become the public servant I am now, and I wish to be. DEKADA solidified my political ideology and made me face whatever score of challenge with fortitude; notwithstanding the imminence of death or demise of life and future. A DEKADA soldier just doesn’t stop in voting; you carry your principle, study your principle, own your principle, and live your principle. That’s what makes me so proud tobe DEKADA.

Peace. And more battles to the bi-colored sun!


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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  1. jez batulan says:

    il repost this on DEKADA’s page on facebook ok? thanks! =D

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