Papuri sa DEKADA

A DEKADA soldier just doesn’t stop in voting; you carry your principle, study your principle, own your principle, and live your principle.

To my esteemed colleagues in the party of the bi-colored sun:

It has come to my knowledge that our party has lost the 2009 ABSC elections. I know how much this demise has affected many of us who have been frontline soldiers of the party for many years. In my heydays as an AB student, I have been in the frontlines too; and the news of defeat is never easy to swallow.

In my years as an active participant to the affairs of the party, which I have named the bi-colored sun, I have seen two devastating losses; I have been witness to two excruciating defeats. But like a true-blooded DEKADA member and Thomasian, I have rallied on together with my fellow members in pursuit of better days and brighter rays of sunshine.

DEKADA’s defeat means only one thing in the hearts of a DEKADA morning; the night has arrived. And with the waning of the sun as the night enters holds dear a promise; the sun will shine again. And in several instances, the sun shines better and brighter than it did the day before.

DEKADA’s term in the ABSC was short, but it was sweet. Through the abled representation of Andrei Abad in the halls of the ABSC, the Faculty of Arts and Letters was ushered through an evolved face of the new DEKADA: passionate and principled. Always for the best, always for the students. Our representation in the ABSC is a proof of our party’s unending commitment to service, passion, truth, and responsible governance.

DEKADA’s leadership must be applauded for its courageous pursuit of victory amid truly adversarial circumstances. The bravery of the leaders and candidates just come to prove to the students of AB what we are truly made of. The same goes to the leaders of the other local parties under our great Alliance who exerted every effort to inch closer to victory.

Always remember: A DEKADA soldier just doesn’t stop in voting; you carry your principle, study your principle, own your principle, and live your principle. Election is not the end-all and be-all of DEKADA’s existence. That is what separates us from everybody else. We carry our principle, study it carefully, own it possessively, and live it faithfully. It is our principle that define us and keep us united. Let it be the centrifugal force of our existence.

A wounded soldier is fiercer. And as was now start preparations for the Quadricentennial elections, I pray that our efforts finally bear fruit and bring us to the Seat we so need in order to serve.

Peace. Papuri sa Dekada.

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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