“Handa ka na bang Mamatay?”

Sa araw na ito, matapos makinig ng Miting de Avance, gusto kong sagutin ang nag-iisang tanong na tuwirang pumukaw sa akin.

“Handa ka na bang mamatay?”

This was the question of the Assistant to the Rector for Student Affairs to the aspiring student leaders of the university. Whilst this was rhetorical and no verbal response was elicited from any of them, but given the “passion” they claim to have, I think they are willing to die — that is, die just to win.

I think, after 5 years of Thomasian life, and after 5 years of becoming active in student life, I am ready to die; literally and politically. I think death is the only solution.

I am willing to die and stop swimming against the apathy that drowns thousands of Thomasian passersby during the Miting de Avance; those who did not even stop to listen despite knowing that these people hold their political future. These students who do not participate by choice have died. Matagal na silang namatay. And this year, I think my 5 year struggle against this imminent reality is over.

I am now willing to die academically; I think I do not really care where fate leads my academics into. This comes with the acceptance of the fact that no matter how much we make people of the university realize that liberalism is the key to a successful student-administrator relationship, it is to no avail. I have been assailed by university officials in the past, and I will be assailed once again in a few days (abangan!). I think it’s time to die. Nakakahiya nang maging Tomasino. Mas masarap pang mamatay.

I am now willing to physically die. With the rise of a brave woman like Marge (VOTE FOR MARGE AS INDIE P.R.O. of CSC) now rising against politicians who bank on their great looks and incumbency, the old politicians of the university may now rest with a sense of security that not all people buy the circus tickets of the Lakas Tomasino Coalition and its Fascist allies. Pwede nang mamatay; ligtas ang mga Tomasino.

But in the end, the question is not whether student leaders are willing to die, but are they ready to continue living on no matter how close death is to deliver their promises to a community who has long stayed in a comatose of despair and hopelessness. I think the concept of leadership as a daily dying experience is not only masochistic; it is wrong. Student leaders don’t die everyday — WE refuse to die because dying is abandoning the mandate we have earned; dying stops us from addressing the REAL and MOST PRESSING concerns our constituencies face.  We refuse to die until all those who want our heads are dead themselves or have stopped their evil and disgusting ways. Leading cannot and can never be done from six feet under, no matter what context it is put upon. As leaders, we must not accept daily death as a fact but as an excuse for us to be led by higher powers who capitalize on our daily passing to abuse our constituency. We must continue to live and shrug off death until our mission is completed. Once it is, then we can die.

As it is stated in Ecclesiastes 9:5-6: (9:5)For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. (9:6)Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun.

Death makes man useless; it makes student leaders futile all the more.

Peace. May the student democracy of the University of Santo Tomas rest in it.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

One Response to “Handa ka na bang Mamatay?”

  1. Monica P. says:

    BRAVO Carlo!! :))

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