A Message on the 81st Anniversary of the Varsitarian

A paper whose survival was once just a dream now stands firm as one of the nation’s oldest student publications, the Varsitarian has been a silent witness through history as it brings forward her greatest children in the field of letters. The Varsitarian has seen the rise and fall of leaders, the successes and failures of men and women; but most of all, has seen the arduous efforts of the unsung men and women who once traversed our university’s patios.

The pages of this publication contains history, made by young men and women who shall, in the future, be as historical as the paper itself. But its bulk contains personal experiences of Thomasians reflected through its articles.

The V is not just a student publication of good news; but a vigilante against the bad news. Over the course of the years; its eight decades of existence, the V has become the source, not only of news and stories, but of hope for many Thomasians.

From Villa-Panganiban then to Divinagracia now, the publication has evolved into a journal that battles alongside the students in important causes such as Students’ Rights, and in the fight to improve Student Services. It becomes the voice of the weak and the oppressed, and the shield of the students’ few defenders fighting on the frontlines of classrooms, dean’s offices, and SWDB offices across the university. It has become the mighty pen that defeated the mighty sword many many times.

On its 81st anniversary, may the Lord grant our Varsitarian more vitality than ever as it confronts bigger issues. May its leadership continue to become servants to the true and authentic Thomasian interest.




Students’ Rights Advocare

University of Santo Tomas

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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