An Assessment of a Phantom Affair

“CFAD Week Sucks!” was the remark of one of my classmates in relation to CFAD week. This comment was controversial since she was purportedly called by Mrs. Mortel-Flores of the SWDB-CFAD. This, eventually, was traced and proven to be a hoax. I cannot blame Sam, and perhaps the ions of students who feel the same but do not have the exact dose of courage to vent their sentiments. But Sam proved something, and that is “CFAD WEEK REALLY SUCKS!”

I’ve been itching to finish this article and post it to the Thomasian blogosphere, not to discredit the current CFAD SC officers, but to state a fact; that CFAD Week 2008 really was a disorganized and shameful affair. Apart from the Holy Mass, the blessing of the Faculty Lounge, and the art talk, nothing else happened; at least, legal and recognized.

Week after CFAD week, the Faculty of Pharmacy had their faculty week, which received good reviews. The theme was “Nations of the World” (correct me if I am wrong) and the parade was a display of beautiful costumes and clothes and stuff. And CFAD week does not even size up to it by a fingernail.

Perhaps it’s because we are an art college that many colleges really clip their eyes to our happenings.

After a careful assessment of the phantom affair, it became such due to these reasons:

-the CFAD week organizers did not plan the activity beforehand;

-the CFAD week organizers did not attempt to build college-wide consensus; most of all

-the CFAD week organizers thought they were titans and did not ask for help of their fellow students.

It is sad that a college like CFAD; one who treasures rich history and houses the greatest art luminaries find itself hosting a phantom affair that was a total and dismal failure; which caused more disappointment than joy to the students; and sanctionable offenses to the officers. Please, be like Edades. Possess his eye and his vision. Even without money, you can organize a truly worthwhile and meaningful college week.

Peace. May this bad memory of CFAD Week 2008 rest in peace.

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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