A Lion that Roars Like a Newt

The Cachero administration is a lameduck administration; nothing has been done and definitely nothing has been accomplished. Since the administration’s term began in April of this year, we have seen nothing but their proliferated and recycled public service advertisements, with changed pictures and useless advocacies. They have not even started tackling their nth-point agenda, a promise they vowed to work on upon victory.

It is unfair to give them fair assessment for two reasons: first, there is nothing to assess; and second, the president is always on a hiding spree; eluding questions from the Varsitarian, UST’s student media provider.

It is not easy to determine the weakness of this year’s leadership. Being former chair of the opposition party of the university last year, I have seen how they bagged the elections through insensible courtship of voters and evasion of REAL issues that confront students. But as soon as they sat down, they forgot to stand up. Moreso, they forgot to work.

The most important thing they should focus on, and promised to the Thomasian electorate, the MAGNA CARTA FOR STUDENTS’ RIGHTS, is not discussed. And it would surprise tons of freshmen to know that such document exist. This has been advocated by their party for 3 administrations now, and no tangible results are seen or heard of.

It’s November, and we are about to choose our new student leaders in a few months. My fellow Thomasians, please be wise in choosing. If you have previously voted for a lion that roars like a newt, then now is the time to change. This administration has been as passive as the entire student community, and they blame us for that. They do not realize that our sense of awareness depends on how visible they are and how much vision they have; not us. Isn’t that the reason why we voted for them in the first place.

I miss Villasenor. He’s a crappy leader, but those were the days.

Cachero, wake up.



About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

One Response to A Lion that Roars Like a Newt

  1. Thomas More says:

    I just noticed the tab in your blog site for CSC Auditor 2009. I will honestly vote for you, support you and campaign for you. In fact, by Monday I will tell my fellow Artlets about you and how I think you can be one of the best CSC Auditor.
    Please learn to give credit when its due. You said that Villasenor is Crappy.Give the guy a credit. We both know that it is not true. Remain the same. As objective as before. You have my support and my network if ever you do finalize and run for Auditor. You will always be our Freedom fighter. I hope this will not get into your head.
    My suggestion, declare your candidacy as early as possible and conduct dialogues with students. Get you platform from them. Win the students like how you have gained my respect and support. Think of Kennedy. God Bless.

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