It usually is the determining factor of all relationships; for through it, loyalty, endurance, patience, and love is tested to its breaking point. Distance is the only circumstance that equals time as a relationship’s greatest test.

Distance’s tests may be undertaken in great silence but will entail great endurance and pain to conquer. It may be through the painful waiting for one overseas phonecall or the constant re-read of love letters written from home three months back. All are in silence but strikes with a resonance that rocks the core of the soul of the world’s strongest man, OR woman. Distance itself can begin the end of a once sweet partnership.

It takes guts, strength, and lots of trust to overcome the sorrow of distance; yet, the sorrow of distance tests guts, strength, and trust in the process. Sometimes, even with all three, distance triumphs. But with the right stir of mind and all the three, any relationship separated by the seas or the boundless sky may win this fight.

The fact of the farness of the horizon, or the boundlessness of the heavens make distance much more a felt force in the lives it separates. For, separated by roads, avenues, countries, or continents, the mere sighting of the sea or a glimpse of the sky isolates you from the one you love. And this sighting is the one hardest to conquer.  But love conquers all; the distance of the sky is fathomed by a heartbeat and the endlessness of the sea and the restlessness of its endlessness can be calmed by love, a strong strong love.

To the men and women, such as myself and many others who shall be isolated from the one they loved by the great insurmountable barrier of geophysical distance, be not afraid. Do not despair. For it is our commitment and love to the people we care for dearly that shall become the bridges that will make our presence felt in their lives, and shall make their impact in our daily existence.

Distance, in short, can be conquered by love.

Peace. To Mr. Brightside and B.C.

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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