We All Will Heal, Somehow

No matter how deeps the cuts are, or how nasty wounds can get, everything gets healed, with and by time.

As the old saying goes, “time heals all wounds”. And no wound, neither physical or emotional, is exempted.

With all the antagonism behind me and as I move on with my university life, I busy myself with a new enterprise I entered into with my friends, as well as my studies. Wounds are present, but do not bleed anymore.

And it surprises me; the way time repairs wounds, heals relationships, and rebuilds lives. Nothing can be a better experience.

To a certain extent, I was deeply hurt by everything that happened in the past. But I know others got hurt, too. And healing can only begin if both parties acknowledge that hurting happened, and if they are willing to repair whatever there is left, or begin if there’s nothing left at all.

University life has been one of the most moving experiences I’ve had by far. It has been the great testament to my strength and fortitude as a person; whilst being a mirror showing my frailties, imperfections, and inequities. My Thomasian education taught me not only to sow wounds (when needed), but to heal them either needed or otherwise.

And now, with everything else behind me, and with almost everything water under the bridge, I wish to give back. For giving a part of yourself is therapeutic in a way; recognizing the fact that a part of you may be stem cell for potentially productive and nice relationships can be soothing to the emotional palette.

And now I wish to give back. Give back and go back. Give back a part of myself that I owe to my university education;and go back to the path of righteousness, illumined my faith and sanctioned by proper reason. Healing entails giving of the self, and going back to the self.

I am now working on a way to give back by assisting in university programs related to healing and re-channeling of once misguided Thomasians. How? Through art, through extensive yosi breaks, through listening, whatever. But I have to give back.

I am now going to draft a letter to the SWDB OSA about helping fellow students who underwent the same experience to heal themselves; face the truth that life is never just about the self-but rather a self immersed with others. I am planning to conduct art therapy sessions to students with troubled minds and hearts, to men and women, professor or student, guard or academician, to everyone, in need of healing. Time heals all wounds, art is its band-aid.

I intend to begin this year right, for there are many things to look forward to. If God provides, I will see through graduation in 2011. And by that time, I will be a new man, fully healed and functional, ready to serve and listen, ready to share burdens, ready to be me again.

Let us not live telling others how to leave, rather let us leave telling others how live. After all, as Ashes to Ashes said, “we’re only living to leave the way we came.”

And with living comes healing; with leaving, more suffering.

Peace. Especially to those in pain or in burden.

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

One Response to We All Will Heal, Somehow

  1. Lost Angel says:

    Hello, right now I am confused and somehow I need your help.

    You see, I was actually planning to kill someone in the burial of my aunt. This person, was actually my mother’s friend who became our driver in my childhood years. This person inflicted me damages throughout my whole life, emotionally, physically and mentally. I cannot picture it here, but its somehow traumatic. I lost my enjoyment of childhood because of him.

    Before, attempts to banish him away was my only drive, but everytime he is banished, he comes back because of my mother. Only at one time when I was 18, when I did tell my father that he hurts me physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Even though he was banished from our house, his presence was still in my mothers. I got curious and asked my relatives if they have a relationship. They only give me misdirecting information. I have to find out this thing for myself.

    In the burial of my aunt just this Wednesday, I saw him there. I walked out from the room and we went home with my uncle.

    For 5 years, I thought he is gone forever in my life. And during his 5 years of his absence, I only think of one thing for him. His own death. Not only me who is affected here, but the trust of my mother and my sister, the respect we had before, was disrupted because of him. Now I am planning to kill him there, even though I know my life will be behind bars after that.

    Now I am asking you. Will you ever forgive such person? I don’t think this wound will ever heal by itself… I’m just asking for your opinion.

    Thank you very much.

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