The Myth of the CrossOver

In an entry in Wikipedia, it says, “There is an old superstition that while studying at the University, you must never pass through the Arch until your Graduation. If done so, an event will happen that will not allow you to Graduate at the school.” (click here for reference)

This popular university legend has been proven true, at least by two of my friends, and myself.

Back in 2004, second semester, I and two of my freshmen pals decided to cut classes and talk a stroll through the university’s vast walkways; a leisurely endeavor best done in not-so-sunny afternoons of January. Then, there was no AMV building, there was no Angelo King Cancer Institute, and there was no beautiful catwalk to Espana. All there was was the majestic lawn that enthrones the Arch of the Centuries, fronting the Main Building.

We were adventurous friends; and would risk everything for a fun afternoon. We never really minded about superstitions nor the truths behind them – after all, we were seventeen, and whatever mistakes are to be committed can be rectified by our youth; by unsolicited chances we all have given that age.

And so the catch was…

We wanted to prove that the legend abovementioned is not true, nor that legends do not have truth in them. Jessica, was excited to exit the Arch, careless of what was to happen; Jomille, was just as excited. And I, a strong believer of superstition found it to be scrupulous and decided to join in.

The Arch of the Centuries’ back part is the original arch; the gateway of the old university, whilst the front (facing Espana), is the reconstruction. The three friends decided to trudge through the Arch outward, and after the crossover, we had 3 years to prove that the myth is not true.

The end of the semester proved rather challenging; we were all shivering as we await the results. And, Jomille and Jessica got debarred. As for me, I failed Economics, but 3 units did not constitute debarment. Our conclusion: maybe the myth was true for others; while bogus for some. But if it happened to two people, I knew I was next in the pecking line.

First Semester 2005 was one of my loneliest semesters. My two best friends got debarred, I was not in good terms with most of my block, and I had to work my ass off to avoid 6 units of failure which can cause my debarment. But loneliness took its toll, and by its end, I got debarred for 15 units. So, I have also proven that the legend was true, but legend’s greatest parts are usually climaxes.

And so the dramatic era began; I was given one semester more to finish minor subjects, while juggling these time with my new found career in public service and finding a new school. And how did it go? It led me to greater failure.

But I was in firm resolve to disprove this myth, and so I rested for one year and attempted to avail of academic rechanneling. I succeeded, was on probation for 2 semesters, got over it, got into trouble as editor in chief, and is now in a 100-day strict probation. But what separates me from Jessica and Jomille, I am still here. Still in a poetic struggle to disprove the myth of the crossover.

While days pass, and semesters fly away, I am in a constant fight to keep my university slot, a slot I dearly hold and wish not to let go until 2011 (my graduation year).

First semester of 2007, I was given a chance that none of my other two friends had; to re-enter the Arch of the Centuries. It was emotional; I never knew it would happen to me. I should be so lucky for getting through the arch and crossing over from wilderness to sanity once more. A chance that my two friends only dearly wished for.

As I entered through it once again, I said a little prayer; I wish myself the best of whatever there is inside the Arch, and may all the ill-luck that came to me be left behind as I crossover once more. But with my prayer came the challenge to disprove the myth of the crossover; and I shall make sure that this time, I’ll get out on 2011.

The Arch of the Centuries is a symbol for the university; a symbol of its heritage and of its love of symbolisms. While it sometimes embodies the scary fact of an exit; it is a curvature from which one can pass; and with exit from it comes the chance,no matter how slim, to get back again.

This morning, I will be touring some CFAD students to the university as they begin their four year epic journey, and this experience I shall gladly and tearfully share with them. The Arch, for me, symbolizes not just the university, but the hopes, prayers, and aspirations of the millions of people who have entered and exited it over the centuries.

And, think about this, it is only us who get to have a chance to enter the gates where our nation’s greatest heroes entered once in their lives.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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  1. Wilberchie says:

    naiyak ako mother Carlo! huhuhuh!

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