An Open Letter to the CSC Administration ’08-’09

To the newly elected CSC Executive Board Officers and the Central Board Members:

I send this to you, not in adversity, but in search of common ground. Last year, the university has been filled with so much political filth that breathing is such a hard task to do, at least politically.

I am no special student of the university – not like you, vested with cushioned chairs and centralized air-conditioned offices. I am very ordinary. Like 32,000+ others, I fall in line to pay fees, I write letters to get things to work, I sit down atop grass covered university lawns. During enrollment period, I am one with the students in getting my reg form, paying my tuition, and having stickons to my ID.

Last elections (actually prior), I chaired the opposition party, AKLAS, not because of heartfelt anger but of butt-pushed disgust towards the way you run things. I just can’t accept the way you have been ignoring the abuses done to several students by fellow students, faculty members, administrators, and the system itself. When you began you party in 2004, you were talking of change. Changes even. And many believed. That was years ago.

But now, you got fresh mandate. and your message of change is nothing but a promise. From your agenda in 2005 to your agenda last year, nothing happened. Maybe now is the time to deviate from your “achuchu’s” advices and actually think of students’ daily predicaments. After all, this is how schools work, and should work. FOR THE STUDENTS.

And how is that? For starters, negotiate reforms in the way students enroll. Every single semester (summer included), students like you and me fall in an endless file of fellow students to PAY. Is that how customer service works? And what does the CSC do? Nothing. I can clearly hear some of your guys telling you that it’s beyond your control. In some respects, yes. But UST adheres to a spirit of dialogue, and everything can be put on the negotiating table, with a little political will.

One more thing? Facilities. Last year I almost got excluded and expelled for complaining about a damn comfort room. Nobody wishes to admit fault. Not even you guys. You didn’t do anything about it. Too bad for a student who speaks his mind. Maybe it’s the curse of “ordinariness”. Or maybe because TYK comfort rooms are so comfortable that Beato Angelico CRs don’t matter anymore. After all, it’s us who’s gonna get the herpes. These need changing.

And lastly, change your adviser. Anti-student. Anti-student council. Anti-democracy. I have respects for this person, but as to the way this person sees a student council, I extremely and vehemently dissent.

trust me. If these are not met by elections 2009, a new wave of qualified, non-pretending, and truly serving student leaders will try their best and push their luck in a desperate attempt to change whatever litter the LTC has brought to UST. UST-CSC needs a major cleanup before 2011.

But make no mistake, I am willing to help. WE are willing to help. The 32,000 people you consider sheep are willing to work to make second home a better place. The people you sweet talk during the campaigns are way more intelligent than we are, and with them, changes can happen. Just tell us how, and what to do, e are more than willing to offer our help.

Just ask.

Lovingly Yours,


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

2 Responses to An Open Letter to the CSC Administration ’08-’09

  1. Wilberchie says:

    I am sure they haven’t read your blog Mother Carlo. But I agree in the Students’ rights violations. That is why I have decided to clean things up with Engg.

  2. Orange says:

    I love the advice on changing of adviser. Well, we don’t want the things of the past but the former person in that position is the best person to be in that position. Those were the glory days. Not because LTC was not around but because the people being elected are not just commercializing the “body” but serving. They were the unheralded leaders then. I wasn’t in the university then but I knew for a fact that times before loved the students, loved the inherent intelligence they have and fosters communication between admin and students. Those were the days before, “you-know-who”.

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