The Time to Give Back

Yes, people. It’s all made up. On 2010, I will be taking my chances and run as Provincial Board Member in the First District of the Province of Rizal.

Difficult? Yes. Well for starters, I don’t have money to sustain a district-wide campaign. But with some pledges of support from friends, former colleagues, and former school partymates, I think I can scrape some dimes to make things work.

Some people, my mother included (and myself sometimes) tend to ask why I want to enter the nasty and uber nega world of politics? Is it for personal gain, prominence, or whatever else?

Here’s my answer:

This nation is sinking. Despite the fact that we propelling a bit due to economic growth, this country is sinking BIG TIME. Why? Due to debt, brain drain, and disunity. AT this day and age, nobody seems to love this country. In fact, nobody is ready to stand up and fight for this country.

For this country to progress, we citizens must stand for this nation. How? There are many ways. Pay taxes honestly and on time. Get receipts when you purchase something. Throw litter responsibly. And for those people who would like to make hell of a difference, bout against the oligarchs, destroy dynasties and create a progressive thinking nation. And to do it, people must stand up.

So here I am. I am offering myself to this august nation by running as a provincial lawmaker in Rizal. I may not be rich enough to contribute taxes, but I have a family who has been paying taxes honestly and I can contribute by making ordinances to make a difference.

Maybe now is the time to risk everything for the country. After all, the Philippines, this country which most people call as a hopeless nation gave hope to my ancestry and gave them a comfortable life. Now is the time to give back.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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