Termites and Obelisks


The strength of anything depends on number. Only God can be One and Powerful. True. Nothing can be strong without plurality for it its sense of magnitude that creates the impression of strength; an impression that may become real – fierce even.

Let us look at the termite. The termites here in Cainta have evolved and adapted so well that they learned to eat concrete, and eat it well. A termite can never topple down even a chop of wood; much more, concrete. It can never stand alone and reach its goal.

But is that not the reason why they don’t leave in condo units?

Termites live in mounds. They live in a community of great numbers, usually adjacent to a source of food, and with their number come their might as a species. Many houses fall prey to them just to prove a point. Together, they can topple a house, they can go places, and they can do anything.

And if those termites continue being united, then maybe they can inch into obelisks and treat these formidable structures nothing more than family lunch.

To my fellow Filipinos here and abroad, we are confronted with several challenges, but how have we been facing these lately? Alone. Maybe in a battle of two. Perhaps more often in a battle of one sector. But never all in one.

The problems we face; OIL, FOOD, CLIMATE CHANGE, POLITICAL MATURITY, POVERTY, all those issues can be resolved only by a firm resolve to solve them and through a united force, not of five to ten termites, but of one entire mound – one entire FILIPINO NATION.

The biggest problem of this country is not poverty nor hunger, but DISUNITY. Termites can’t build strong mounds if they are only a bunch of hundreds. Is that the reason why there no such thing as ‘renegade termites’? I may be wrong, but we all see the power of the termites when they are united.

If we begin to work like termites, pursuing a common goal no matter how impossible it may seem, no matter how hard the tasks it involve, no matter how long it gets done, we should go and do it, not in solitude, but as a nation and as a people.

If we do, obelisks are nothing but early afternoon snacks.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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