Condemning a Culture of Corruption

“the best way to defeat the work of the devil is to expose it–to bring it into the light.”


(PRE-TEXT: I write this in strong condemnation of how some of university officials have handled my complaints against the dean and the college secretary, and how they have been harassing me over something that started with a complaint about the water.)


We all live in a corrupt world; we may just not notice it. For corruption takes so many forms and permutations that distinguishing it from righteousness is a very difficult game. It assumes so many forms from giving of flowers to women whom we need help in courting the one we like – to giving tons of money to people we want to keep a secret.


Over the past weeks, I have seen the university, some of its officials and student leaders taking a stand against the alleged corruption by some government officials.  It was surprising; UST has not taken such a bold position since the ERAP impeachment times, nor has it taken an antagonist position against any administration except that of Estrada. And this led me to the most hilarious laughs I’ve ever had in my life by far.


How could some of the university’s officials stand condemning corruption when their own backyard thrives with the sight and smell of the same; corruption lurks in every hall, street, corner, and building of the university. How could some student leaders rise up in arms against a corrupt regime when they themselves constitute a regime of illegitimates and cheaters? How could they stand condemning one of their own? The thickness of their faces and the strength of their stomachs push my reason beyond reason itself.


While their form of corruption may not be that of stealing money, theirs steal lives and futures from people whose opinions come across and oppose theirs. That corruption is more sever and unforgivable. When on steals money, he may disrupt the flow of life, but not necessarily immediately destroy; when one steals and corrodes another’s future, that is beyond forgivable.


I am a victim of this corruption by some university officials who ransacked HIRAYA and coined me as disrespectful and dishonest. Today, I have yet to defend my side orally to a panel that is yet to be convened, and my academic status, and future lie on the table. The slow and intentional slow resolution of the complaints against me may be a clear indicator of a syndicated plot to destroy my name and reputation, of which they have not succeeded on as we speak. The high-level conspiracy to dump me out of the university has been successful at some levels, though. They have been gunning against me because I have been very vocal in revealing corrupt practices of student leaders and some officials of the university; unlawful use of funds, misuse and abuse of powers and privileges, and conspiracy to remove rights from others. All these supported with evidence.


I condemn a culture of corruption, and how do I show it? By now showing up on CSC-OSA led rallies for truth, because truth must first be sought and preached in our own backyard. The lies of some student leaders and academic officials are causing loss of futures of students and faculty members who speak against their rendition of “righteousness”, and their corruption takes its toll now only on the Tiger’s pocket, but on his credibility and morale as an institution.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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