The Ills May Have Started Somewhere.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I write this with all the courage that’s left of me, exhausted by a semester of challenges and hurdles, and a summer that will not be spent on beaches, nor in a classroom, but facing a panel, fighting for my university academic status.

Our society is not filled with social problems; poverty, corruption, inaccountability, irresponsibility, apathy. At this stage in our history we see a lot of people resurfacing in Manila’s busy thoroughfares shouting for change, which is awkward since we did the same not so long ago.

But all the problems we confront now as a nation did not pop out like a mushroom in the open; it is a result, or perhaps even a magnifie version, of smaller problems we have confronted when our own world was smaller — in our family, school, or community.

All of the nation’s large and seemingly incurable ills may have started somewhere.

Take for example, the largest problem of Philippine society: corruption. This may have started inside our own house when our parents or siblings would give us candies to hide something, or when it is an imperative to give us something when assignments are done. Both are forms of corruption: the first being bribery, and the second is the system of “padulas”. It may have started here.

But corruption does not only linger in the home. As we progress and expand our social horizon the magnitude of corruption expands with us. But this time, it is us who use it to see things through. Take for example the constant giving of gifts to teachers with the expectation of passing, which is a form of bribery; a dean/principal/regent/college secretary who trips around his/her office in unncessary assertion of his/her power, which is power corruption. We see teachers (some) who take kickbacks from readings they prescribe in school, and kickback is a form of corruption. We see men and women who would resort to paying to pass exams. It may have started here.

It is clear; corruption’s existence did not just pop up when the first Republic came to existence. It has been there since the world began, since stratification began, since social groups were formed.

I contend with people who are of position in the university where I study in. I have discovered an anomalous withdrawal of money from the funds, A FORM OF CORRUPTION. I have immediately relayed this information to the authorities but instead of taking action, they started covering up for the people I complained. Now, I face cases of dishonesty and disrespect.

If you see this analogous or similar to today’s events, a whistleblower citing an anomaly, and an entire power strata covering up to maintain its political position, do not be surprised. THE ILL STARTED SOMEWHERE.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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