I do not usually regret things that happen to my life, inspired by the quote that “problems are opportunities in unattractive packages”. But there really are some things you will deeply regret.

As for me, one of those is going back to UST. Post-debarment, I would have wanted to study elsewhere, but my mother wanted me in UST, deceived by its grand halls and of her friends whose children finished there as well. So I stuck it through, went through academic re-channeling, and tried my best to become a good student, upholding the philosophies and principles of a true Thomasian, in constant search and defense of truth, serving my fellows, and becoming a good student.

All these efforts, however,  were put in vain when I faced the largest controversy of my life by far. I now confront a case stipulating that I am dishonest and disrespectful of others, both of which are yet to be proven.  These cases occupy much of my time now, of which I am supposed to dedicate to exams and rest.

With these, I am proud, but regretful. I am proud to have embodied the true meaning of Thomas Aquinas’ teachings on faith and morals. Regretful because others, most especially those tasked to mold me, have not been the same way.  I confront hurdles rather difficult to face for a young lad like myself, but I face it, nonetheless, with renewed strength and vigor, committed to forward Aquinian teachings and pursue a conquest for truth. I regret the fact that it is the same people who should have taught me the truth who now persecute me.

As of now, I am contemplating of transferring to some other school, perhaps not as grand and heritage-rich as UST, but with people of full-character. I deeply regret.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

One Response to Regrets.

  1. vicky belo says:

    wag ka lilipat! ilabas natin sa mainstream media yung kaso mo..this must not happen to someone who goes for the truth, fights for the truth and stands side by side with the truth…

    walang karapatang magsalita ang UST tungkol sa kaso ni Lozada kung sila mismo, takot sa katotohanan…

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