Of Monarchs and False Kingdoms

Someone actually called me “misguided and disillusioned” for the quote “Watch out, Thomasians, the race to Tan Yan Kee is on!”, a remark I have made in one of my blog entries here at wordpress. If it was a student who said this remark, it would have brought comic relief to me, but since it was an administrator who did so, I was alarmed. An administrator whose name I shall not broadcast to protect what’s left of this person’s credibility.


Benavidez did not conceive the university to become a playground of lay power trippers and for administrators to loathe actions of their so-called “adopted children”. In fact, the primary purpose of a university is to teach what needs to be learned and make sure that the information injected is to be used to tell the truth of which our dear patron, St. Thomas Aquinas, clearly advocated.

UST is not a kingdom, but a community; a community of professional men and women whose mentality is framed with the hallmarks of truth and integrity. And administrators must not act like monarchs who treat students and other employees as their subjects. Relationships must be based on mutual respect, not necessarily for their opinion,  but as human beings.  It must not become an institution where one treats himself as supreme over the others.


I am disgusted by this remark, as I have been disgusted of this person from the start. This person has been trying to project a friendly persona but underneath lies the demons that can never be hidden by flawless skin and spa trips. But remaining Christian, I try my best to be as civil as I can and be Christian towards this person.

Nothing can be more disgusting than an administrator who upfrontly destroys the credibility of another person. With this person’s bragging of her higher education, then that education did not teach her of manners and of decorum.


I thank that person for proving that my blogs work, that it tickles the imagination of its readers and that it continues to fiscalize. I love it!


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

One Response to Of Monarchs and False Kingdoms

  1. vicky belo says:

    misguided and disillusioned

    the last time i checked, may Ph.D. yata yun…i was present when it was delivered…andun pa si Gov. Padaca and Gov. Panlilio…

    i think an elementary lesson called “metaphor” was discovered or shall i say used in the pre-writing era…nagsasalita pa lang ang mga katutubo, may metaphors na…i used to be amazed at the presence of that person..ngayon..i dont know

    i think it should be taught again sa graduate school, baka nalilimutan na ng mga tao…

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