We Do Not Need an EDSA Right Now.

I was closely watching the ZTE-NBN senate hearings on TV and have been tuning in to DZMM to listen to the live feed from the senate. I read this scandal on the papers almost daily like a tabloid series. Truly, listening to senate hearings, to politicians bashing each other on national TV has become a national pastime.

Amid these issues, we see President Arroyo continuing the presidential routine, going to all scheduled functions except that of the PMA’s. She has not been discussing the issue much in public, except assuring the public that  she is taking the issue seriously.

Last Friday, there was a protest rally in Makati attended by thousands of Filipinos coming from various militant and political groups, expressing distaste over GMA’s administration  and asking for her immediate resignation. Today, a mass was hosted by Fmr. Pres. Cory Aquino for ZTE whistleblower Jun Lozada, also attended by thousands of people. The mass set the tone of the groups; an EDSA has indeed begun.

From the way I see it, and from how pre-EDSA 1 activities happened 22 years ago, an EDSA revolution is now brewing, getting more and more support from the middle class and the business sector. Ironically, PGMA has control over EDSA, so an EDSA revolution in a literal sense cannot happen again.

But EDSA is beyond the avenue anymore. EDSA is a political term used to denote a revolution of the people. And EDSA exists in the minds of men and women who wish to change a regime filled with allegations of graft, corruption, nepotism, and extra-judicial killings.  EDSA became the term for a people power revolution – a revolution started by men and women who see the need for change.

But unlike the EDSA that ousted Marcos and the EDSA that ousted Estrada, this EDSA revolution may take a longer time – more days, even months, assuming that it will be successful. We see that distaste exists here in the metropolis, but we cannot dismiss the fact that PGMA is well supported in the provinces, thanks to her battalion of mayors, governors, and local officials  who has been successfully supported by the administration. Given this, our concept of EDSA must expand, since Metro Manila cannot oust a president anymore. If these people want to succeed in ousting PGMA, they should start soliciting support from the provinces. With what we see, the political institutions of imperial Manila are in full force protecting status quo. So if they want to have a successful revolution, start with the provinces. The EDSA revolution battle plan of the opposition has to expand to the provinces.

I am not  for GMA. I used to support her programs myself, but I still admire the woman, and I know others do. For a woman to endure all this, sleep at night, and wake up on time is such an admirable act. But I do not support her ouster. She has 2 years left, let her finish her term. The opposition and other cause-oriented groups should just continue to fiscalize and make her accountable through the institutions set by the constitution. Trust me, many Filipinos do not like street parliamentarism because it impedes the flow of daily life. If they continue to do it, the people’s anger will be towards them. For an EDSA revolution to be successful, EDSA must be traffic free.

Let us all pray for the country, our leaders, and each other. We do not need an EDSA right now.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

7 Responses to We Do Not Need an EDSA Right Now.

  1. Miggy says:

    Another edsa revolution? oh come on. fad na ba yan ngayon na kapag may problema, sigaw ka na lang na, “tara guys ang pangit ng pamamalakad ng presidente! punta tayo edsa!”

    err… edsa revolution. it’s lost its real meaning and purpose.

  2. Archie D. Yu says:

    If ‘these people’ really want to have something like an EDSA to happen right now, they must at least convince the ‘real people’ that their cause is really for the good of all of us. They should eliminate from their ranks political oppositon personalities like Cayeteno, Lacson, Madrigal and their ilks. These people have no crediblity to speak for for themselves either.

    Unless there is a real and truthful urgent need, unless there is a credible individual that could make the real people rally behind and unless the opposition just stays on the sidelines, I believe another EDSA right now is just like wishful thinking.

  3. Hydie says:

    YES! Totoo po na hindi pa napapanahon ang isang People Power… sapagkat wala pa pong taong karapat dapat na magdala sa atin sa EDSA … Ang mga tao pong nanghihikayat sa atin ngayon ay may mga sariling interest..Na gustong gamitin ang taong bayan… Kami po ay isang ordinaryong mamayan lamang. Hindi po kami maka Administrasyon ngunit hindi po kami sang ayon sa style ng opposition… Nirerespeto po namin ang EDSA…ang hindi po namin pagdalo sa panawagan ng opposition sa EDSA ay pagpapakita lang po ng respeto sa ipiinaglaban natin noon sa EDSA…

    Wag po nating dungisan ang ating nakaraan sa EDSA…

  4. Hi JC,

    Naiintindihan ko ang hindi mo pagsang-ayon sa EDSA. Parang kasing ang hirap isipin na kailangan na naman ng People Power.

    Pero ang akin lang naman, ang dami na kasing isyu ng graft and corruption ng Arroyo administration. Sana may isa sa kanilang matuloy sa korte, sa tulong na rin ng mga Senate inquiries. Nandiyan ang NBN deal, the Hello Garci scandal, P762-million fertilizer scam, the Jose Pidal case, the Venable contract, the $470-million IMPSA contract, the P50-million telecommunications bribery scandal, the jueteng payoff scandal, the P1.3-billion election computerization deal, the alleged P532.9-million overpricing of the P1.1-billion, 5.1-kilometer President Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard, and the $503-million North Rail project. [1]

    Pati mga OFW gusto nilang pagkakitaan sa pamamagitan ng pagsingil ng $8000-bond.

    Sobra na talaga! Kung nasa Maynila lang ako, sumali na rin ako sa mga prayer rallies at mass protest actions.

    Tulad ng sabi mo, kailangan nating ipagdasal ang ating bayan.


    [1] I got the list from Gus Abelgas’s article, http://www.balita.ca/10%20Oct/10162007_03.htm

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  6. frederizza olores & coleen navarro says:

    you guys are definitely right. at hindi naman everytime na may makita tayong mali e edsa na tungo natin! we always want to change the government, e all the while hindi natin mabago muna mga sarili natin. i am not on anybody’s side, ang amin lang, don’t blame everything to the government! my duties din naman tayo. GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!

  7. cindy says:

    lahat ng tao meron kapayaaan wala tao wala freedom lalo na ngayon magulo.
    ang pilipinas nagypn maraming mahirap kaya mayaman.
    yung iba waal pera wala pabili sa mall.

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