The Third-Force (?).

Yesterday, I have received reports that Raphael Kalaw, president of our college’s (CFAD) student council, shall be running as an independent president, with KC Roseos, president of the Engineering Student Council, as his Vice President.

Paeng Kalaw is a very kind person; though we have political and logical differences, I respect him as a person and as a fellow leader. He tried his best to improve our college. He used to have a wide support base from his party and from the CFAD SC staff.

But this news rocked me to the core; how could a Lakas Tomasino strong ally even CONCEIVE of running and risking himself as an independent presidentiable? Also, I was surprised because MISMO, a former AKLAS affiliate who joined the newly formed Lakas Tomasino in 2004. And from the way I see their dynamics, MISMO and the leadership of LTC, particularly Mr. Villaseñor, they seem to have a very tight political bond.

This political development made my view on the coming elections more interesting. WHile I was comfortable thinking that a two-way battle is to be waged, I was wrong. With Kalaw now into the race for Tan Yan Kee, the race transforms into a three-way battle: the AKLAS President, the LAKAS TOMASINO President, and PAENG KALAW. The battle has modified rules, once again before it has begun.

Wait lang Thomasians… The race for Tan Yan Kee is ON!!!


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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