In Pursuit of the Old Edades

The great Edades, our college’s founding father, has been known in the Philippine art scene as “The Father of Modern Art”. He was once a part of the so-called “Thirteen Moderns”, a prevalent art movement during his time that dismissed the dictum of traditional art and began an era of experimental arts.


Edades has long gone, but his greatest legacy, the Colleges of Architecture and Fine Arts and Design, our college, seem to have violated its forefather’s artistic inclination and vision.


Though our age may not be as ancient or distant as Edades’ time, every CFAD student is an Edades in himself – in a constant struggle to let the world appreciate our form and style. We are Edadeses in the baking.


But the oven in which we are being baked has clearly not coped with the call of the times. It has maintained its rustic approaches and prevented new trends and innovations, thinking out loud that the discovery of the trueness of the art world will prove deadly to them. The CFAD we are all in now is not the Fine Arts Edades have envisioned; a college that suppresses the artists’ inviolable right to express and to maximize his surroundings and learning to do the same.


As Edades then argued that art is liberation, his successors in our college believe that art is suppression, that the constant practice of the traditional art is correct – while this is true, we must all acknowledge that the world goes round. As Edades argued that art must be a window to one’s totality, his successors in our college believe that art is nothing but a bird’s eye view – one that should be distant from one’s soul. As Edades envisioned a college that shall highly uphold freedom side by side with talent, his successors in our college believed otherwise.


CFAD has seen the upfront persecution of student- and faculty-artists who expressed their feelings, emotions through their form. CFAD has seen the blatant tyranny of poorly-trained administrators, who, for the sake of ego and personal interest, compromised form and injected a dangerously apathetic mentality to their students. CFAD has witnessed the uncalled for and unexpected departure of Salvatus, Calubayan, and their comrades who only opened their students’ eyes to what is true. CFAD has witnessed the sufferings of Gamalinda and HIRAYA, who was victimized by fund suppression so as not to reveal to the world the errors and the stinks of his college.


But why do we only see? For an artists’ eyes are as keen as a bird’s; as sharp as a cat’s; and trained, not only to see, but to stare and look closer. Edades was not just an architect, and a painter, he was an art critic – a visionary of his time. We have inherited his eyes, and his hands. Now is the time to make his brain and vision our most powerful heirloom; a brain that drives the courage to fight for what is necessary and what is true – a brain that envisions the challenges of the future and try to see it through – a brain that recognizes adversity as an avenue to forward the contemporary.


Where is Edades? Some may ask.


The new Edades is in YOU.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

2 Responses to In Pursuit of the Old Edades

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  2. Mandy Edades says:

    I was touched by this one… i can’t help but agree with you…
    I’m one of his relative…my father once suggested me to pursue fine arts but i didn’t, well it’s a long story… Anyway, thanks for remembering him…and for continuing his fight for modern arts we appreciate that.

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