An Honor Not to Fight On Their Side

In my semester and a few weeks of stay in my current college, I have been given a chance to experience key things the university has espoused since its foundation. First, fighting for the truth, considering that the university’s patron, Thomas Aquinas, is an advocate of the truth. Second, martyrdom, feeling the grace to face persecution head on.

Also, I have been given a fine opportunity to fight a battle I feel I have been prepared for all my life. And leading this battle towards truth is a humbling experience for me. I have had ups and downs as I trudge through this struggle; God’s test of my patience, capability, zeal, and strength. From my “removal” as HIRAYA EIC to the constant lambasts, both private and public, indulged into by my student critics and professor opponents, all of these have tested what “CARLO MASAJO” is truly made of.

I entered and left my post with my dignity intact; I have done my job to the letter and even beyond. And with the disagreement that spurred between me and the administration which caused me my post, I am gratified. It is an honor for me to have acceded to the challenge of telling the truth.

And as I continue this battle, I am amazed with how I fared through all the pressure.I may have had my share of critics, but my performance, they can never criticize. I have faced every question with grace and ease. I pray to the Lord for strength and grace to finish this with triumph for everyone.

It is an honor not to fight on the side of people who have conspired to hide the truth, under assumptions that CFAD students will not look anyway. Half-truth is not the truth. And it is a disgrace to be part of its advocates. I can never be amenable to being editor in chief whose job is to be the dean’s PR officer. I am answerable to the readers, and to God only, and never to him or any of his alipores. The truth’s side is a cold, lonely place, but it makes one’s existence truly worthwhile.

It is sad to note that we have people in CFAD who think that we (students) are students, and are carefree. We are not, and we will never be. We are people impassioned by our art form, and advocates for the truth. Is art not truth in itself? The people who fight for the truth may be temporally persecuted, but shall reap the rewards of heaven and the affirmation of the court of public opinion; those who hide the truth lie in the gates and the ovens of hell. I’d rather fight on the side of righteousness and the truth alone than fight on their side and lose myself and my principles.

But even if I am alone, it is an honor for me not to fight on their side. I’ll take my lonely battle position with grace, as I have always done.

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About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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