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I have checked my wordpress blog and it has reached its 2,000th hit without me knowing it. Pretty cool for a twenty-year old blogger who started this around 4 months ago.

Even if I know that most of the readers of this blog consist of my below-the-belt hitting critics and others, I don’t mind, they gave me good readership and a great platform to expose both the good and bad things about CFAD. I extend my sincerest thanks to them.

I grabbed a copy of The Varsitarian hot off the press tonight, and read about the articles concerning CFAD. Surprisingly, one of my blogs and proposed column for HIRAYA entitled “Troubled Waters” was featured. My claim to immortality is now solid; and if the administrators of my college do not want CFAD to know, at least the entire university, and the world through Varsi’s website, shall know.  (Read )

CFAD is a college that extensively studies image; a persona that one or a corporation project to the public. This is studied in advertising and PR, when clients necessitate to project an image.

But images can be deceiving, and CFAD has mastered its art and science for six years. It has mastered the use of image in concealing anomalies, and getting away with errors. From administrators to the student council, these people helped erect an image of CFAD away from what it is, or what it should be.

I can clearly remember the way I was treated when I was still functioning as editor in chief, and how the same frame of image depicted two sides of reality.  To cite as an example the privilege of the office given to me after I assailed the CFAD SC; at one side, it projected an image of goodwill, on the other side, it reflected the underground-ish torture these people have been doing to ensure that no negative content against them comes out. A great example of image.

On another instance, the dean has talked extensively about compassion. He exercised compassion to the college by addressing the water issue, no matter how late; On the other hand, he dismissed compassion to others and exercised compassion to self when his ass was on the line. Cool.

Another fine example of this image is Beato Angelico, CFAD side. As you gaze through its august corridors, you see a college of students and professors, and administrators in harmony; LOOK BEYOND THE GLASS DOORS AND PANELS. Inside the doors you see administrators on guard, preparing to persecute their next critic.

These circumstances proved that CFAD is indeed the best school to teach imagery.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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