Case Updates.

From the last update I was provided with by the Rector’s Office, I have been informed that the case papers are currently processing. I do not know what will happen because the decision is not in my hands anymore.

Last week,  I have filed a notice of withdrawal on the legitimacy question regarding my being editor in chief. I have withdrawn the question because I would want to appease the CFAD community, and that I may focus on more important things: my studies, my family and friends, and the case. But in the same notice, I have manifested that the other cases stand and must proceed.

After the issue of the case, which will be in The Varsitarian tomorrow, I have experienced cold treatment from the CFAD administrators. They have not been talking to me, which is good, because I do not intend to talk as well until all of these are resolved, so as not to affect the case. This course of action I find prudent on the part of the dean and the college secretary.

But there are some administrators of the college, of whose name I shall withhold since they do not have the opportunity to answer, who have talked to some students about the cases filed, particularly to some of the signatories of the complaint, asking them if they are aware of what they signed and stuff. I find this clearly unethical and uncalled for. This action is a clear act of information fishing on the part of this administrator, which objective we do not know.

In my opinion, this action was clearly meant to taunt the other people who signed the complaint and that this person has an intention to silence them and have their signatures retracted. Best of luck in this activity.

Now is the time to correct the wrong things done to students. It is crazy that they misuse their powers to taunt students not to do the just and correct thing. What a shame.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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