Students’ Rights and Welfare Week Starts Tomorrow

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A landmark activity if you may call it, but the CSC has launched its first decent activity, the STRAW week. This is first of its kind in the university, that we actually discuss things that matter to the students.

The CSC of this year has (at last and at least) launched something decent and sensible. The entire first semester proved to be a PR semester for them and no actual activity. The only thing they did was to put street markers on their bulletin boards. They have not addressed basic issues, such as utilities, academics, and others. Ang CSC ay isang PR council. They would work well in an advertising/PR firm.

I can clearly remember an encounter with some fellow named Jonet, treasurer of the CSC. And if my recollection serves me right, I remember him telling us that “THE CSC OFFICE IS THEIR OFFICE”. At first glance, this may seem nothing more than a territorial clam; looking at it deeper, emperor Jonet has claimed ground on something students paid for. If he had done that to us, what chance is there that he will do it to other students. Shame on this fellow. And he calls himself a defender of students’ rights?

With men like Jonet in CSC’s current roster, it is shameful that they brag that they protect the students. It seems to me that this Jonet person forgot that we were students, and that his claim on Tan Yan Kee was something quite creepy because he seems to have bought that building.

Let us be vigilant and see how this STRAW week will turn out if sponsored by the likes of Jonet.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

One Response to Students’ Rights and Welfare Week Starts Tomorrow

  1. ella says:

    I agree with the whole STRAW thing being a decent activity. It’s about time the council has done something worthwhile. I’ve noticed that SCs everywhere (not just the CSC) are almost always party/events planners.

    UST – College of Architecture

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