Campus Journalism and Its Advantages

The Campus Journalism Act of 1991 is perhaps one of the strongest laws protecting the rights of the youth, particularly student journalists, and preserving the integrity of student publications.

However, in many cases, many institutions do not follow these rules, or balatantly disobeys the law. And we cannot blame them; being owners of the institutions editors belong to, they believe that they must have complete control over the publications, even if the law provides otherwise. I would want my opinion to be taken hypothetically.

There are many advantages to a free student publication: First, it trains the students on journalism and provides an avenue to concretely practice truth, fairness, and balance. These are values taught better by experience, and supplemented by the classroom.

Second, it provides check and balance for the administrators, the student councils, and the students. Campus journalists and publications become the students’ eyes in things that the institutions hide.

Third, it safeguards democracy in the campus level. Campus publications, being an independent entity, is accountable to nobody but its readers and protect democracy and freeedom of expression while encouraging the readers to do the same.

Campus journalism is important, for it safeguards the halls and the posts of democracy and provides the student readers a deeper perspective; things that happen under their noses. As journalists, let us help in protecting its existence by enforcing the law protecting it.

Now is the time.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

20 Responses to Campus Journalism and Its Advantages

  1. Chemzie says:

    I really like it…it is nice, for the first time I really knew what campus journalism is for! However, what makes me feel sad is that in my school Campus Journalism is not for the students, its for the administrations! Students in my school have no voice!

    I really like it very much! It may sound weird but really I like it in many ways that no words can explain! It may be simple yet It made me realize something…


  2. daniel says:

    Do You Know the History of CAmpus Journalism?


  3. ina says:

    nice! but in my school we use campus journalism
    as an informative publication. we write about events, compositions, and fun facts for students to learn. But we also have and editorial section where our editorial writer writes his/her opinion..

    like it, thanks! :]

  4. wilma dianne says:

    I lIkE iT sO mUcH………… ******************** THANKS *************

  5. zUpLaDiThO says:

    uuhhhhm…i LiKe iT VeRy mUcH..
    Do u kNoW mOrE AbOuT THe nEwS WrItInG cAtEgOrY?/

  6. sen says:

    do you know the history of campus journalism?
    i really need it..


  7. Indeed, campus journalism is a must, as we are a democratic country. Students definitely have the rights to express themselves.

  8. victoria escobar says:

    what is the role of a young journalist to reduce poverty in the philippines?

  9. Grace says:

    Can you give me some tips on how to evaluate a school newspaper as a venue for student’s expression?….or somehow the possible questions regarding in this matter because I really need it for our research….. Thanx!

  10. _rOGYn E_ says:

    _Thnx for this blog sir, itS a great help to me..
    _ Coz ryt now,i`m conducting a thesis study, entitled Awareness on Campus Journalism Act (RA 7079) among the IAS students of KASC.
    _thnx po..
    _you are an advocate of students right?…
    _thEn u deserve to be one of my idols…

  11. Thank you for creating this website. As a campous journalist, I appreciate it a lot.

  12. arriza says:

    having seminars on campus journalism helps students who compete for the journalism contest is a nice move/thing!

  13. leny says:

    tnx for the informations.. i like it. it helped me understand more about campus journalism.

  14. daniel_3dc says:

    hmmm… are there any charges kung may violations sa campus journalism act of 1991? autocratic kc maxado admin namin.

  15. >>==POWERHOUSE===> says:


  16. grace says:

    bcoz we’re under in a specific institution…we have to comply with or follw their protocol. But not to the extent that the press freedom is being deprived and neglected. For me, we have to follow rules while doing the real essence of our job.

  17. juven says:

    how do create a logo of campus menistriy

  18. marian says:

    its a wonderful site but i want to know if there are countries where campus journalism does not exist?

  19. Benjamin B Rabago Jr says:

    Wer can I find campus journalism management studies?

  20. Ricky Manliguis says:

    Awesome blog, sir!

    I’ll be using this for my thesis about the factors affecting performance in Campus Journalism Public Secondary schools for school year 2012-13, if you don’t mind.

    Keep it up, Sir!

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