Unclean Mouths and a Future Hanging on the Balance

Note: All comments attached to this blog were posted at https://akosijcmasajo.wordpress.com and were not posted by me even if it actually has my name. The email therein is not my official email address. Enjoy reading as I did!!!

I received funny comments about my last blog, but it made me happy since now, because of a future ill-fated CFAD SC, my readership for one day rose to about 200. A record high for my blog, but not just that; a victory for the majority of CFD students who see the problem/s/ the way I do.

Please pardon the comments, they were done in my wordpress blog, and I decided not to post them because they posted obscene contect (and these people used my name):

  1. carlo masajo | masahol@carlo.com | IP:

    tangina mo bading!!!!

    Oct 13, 6:56 PM — [ Edit | Delete ] — View post “Dahil ang Leader, Open ng 24 Hours… Sabi Nila. Totoo ba?”

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  2. carlo masajo | masahol@carlo.com | IP:

    gago, kaya ka natanggal sa HIRAYA kasi nahuli ka ng-BJ sa orgroom, bading!!! hanggang sa CFAD ngkakalat ka, hindi ka pa namatay nung nasa AB ka!!! tigilan mo na UST!!!

    Oct 13, 7:01 PM — [ Edit | Delete ] — View post “The Death of Students’ Rights in CFAD”

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  3. carlo masajo | masahol@carlo.com | IP:

    hehehe thanx, kmusta pg-BJ ko sayu

    Oct 13, 7:06 PM — [ Edit | Delete ] — View post “Ang Pagtatapos ng Isyu”

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  4. carlo masajo | masahol@carlo.com | IP:

    to concerned lasallian

    – excuse me, taga-UST ka ba? shut up please…

    Oct 13, 7:09 PM — [ Edit | Delete ] — View post “CFAD SC RESIGN”

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Ayan po. Witness for yourselves. I completely know that decent Thomasian student leaders with appropriate breeding and udnerstanding do not respond this way. The student leaders of UST are prudent, even udner critical opposition. Nakakatuwa basahin, it’s like reading the rantings of a three-year old not given what he wants.

But, oh well, who gets to shame now. I have entered this blog battle with nothing but the truth about the issues and the complete incompetence of an SC my college trusted. And it is sad to see them put themselves to nothing but sheer shame (i decided not to edit them so that every reader actually see how lewd their mouths are).

Remember, in the world of the web, it’s not just the CFAD students watching; it’s the world. These people don’t bring shame to me, but to the university that they are proud of lambasting on a daily basis. I never said something bad about the university; and the only thing I said about the CFAD SC was the truth. The truth may have really hurt.

In my analysis, the CFAD SC may be in a process wherein they try to win as much audience as they can. Hindi na kasi bumebenta ang mga pakulo nila. They have realized that judgment day is near and they are set to be judged in a way they have never imagined. In my opinion, CFAD SC’s downfall will be close, if they do not change.

And with the attitude they flaunt now, tignan natin kung sino ang matutuwa sa kanila. It is time to let the entire Thomasian community know that there are dirty mouths who destroy themselves rather than destroy me.

I pray that their mouths be extinguished with Holy Water. hehehe.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

3 Responses to Unclean Mouths and a Future Hanging on the Balance

  1. kinalawang na tansan says:

    idaan m nlng sa pagpipinta brad saloobin ganun talaga minsan mapusok ang mundo kung gusto mo ng pagbabago tangapin mo na ang mundo ay nahahati sa puti at itim bahala ka na kung ano pipiliin mo

  2. anonymous says:

    “Big people talk about big things. Small people talk about other people.”

    Learn to LIVE YOUR LIFE John Carlo Masajo.

    You’ve got a long way to go with your writing skills…expression is ok. But to interfere TOO MUCH on other people living their own lives is not right. One time is enough to comment or write about something that’s bugging you.. if you have already said what you think they must realize, then, DONE.. i’m sure they got your point already.

    So don’t waste time saying it over and over again..and always finding something wrong just to get you noticed or as you are objectively pointing out, why you’ve writing these things..

    -“voicing out” to help the students.

    Yes, maybe in a way.

    BUT One time is enough. Let them live their life and realize things on their own.

    and live your own, too.

    i don’t care about what you may think about this, JC. This is the first and the last. As I said, one time is enough. I just wanted to let you know what I think… as your friend..:)

    God bless. Good luck. 🙂

  3. welcome all
    it can make us brfeel cared for, heard, loved. Both are potent feelings.

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