CFAD SC Strikes My Blog Again

Medyo matagal na rin pala akong hindi nagbo-vlog tungkol sa CFAD SC. Perhaps many of my readers wonder why. First, because I have to focus on doing my final plates since finals were on last week, second, because they have been doing nothing worthy to blog about recently, and lastly, because any topic about them can be considered “dead air” in the blogging world.

I thought that killing this issue silently and just let them work and prove themselves would do, but after a comment that one of their alagad’s sent disguised as a CFAD student, I think that issue is worthy to be resurrected.

But first, let me put the foundations of what this blog will be about:

concerned Thomasian | | IP:

you don’t know what you are talking about!!!!!
you are too shallow!

if you want to change places with them so badly then just tell them directly, that is if they would even let a scum like you talk to them..

don’t underestimate people if you don’t know what are they trying to do to build up their council…

—There it goes. A comment from a CFAD student. Perhaps this is something rather questionable because the CFAD community definitely knows that I am not alone in this plight.

Ok. Now, unlike the other rather obscene comments sent by concerned CFAD students who are in nature not obscene, I decided to post this one. Why? So that the entire world may see that I post comments of my detractors and that the CFAD SC is really worth kicking out because of these comments.

Which leads me to contemplation on how an incumbent officer must handle criticism from their constituents. Imagine if the CFAD SC and their illegitimate asungots were leaders of our country, then all of us would be dead by now. Because that is how they politically operate, they are AUTHORITARIANS. They do not want anything against them to prevail, and would censor to the dot whatever there is to protect their illegitimate integrity.

Of course I did not take their comments personally because they are not true. There is nothing shallow about the concern of the CFAD student constituents that I addressed and they should be working on. The issue on the water, their non-appearance, the existence of their illegitimate asungots are problems of so many years that have been addressed now. And those are problems deeply rooted in the system addressed now. And they took a direct hit of its redress.

At least now I know why they are not working, because if you look at the posting date and the date of their reply, it seems to me that all this time, they were doing nothing but think of a reply to my posts. How funny can these people get!

In the end, I espouse my position; same position as before; that they should resign on the grounds that their capability to ascend to the entire college has been lost all through this entire controversy and that their impulse all through this occurrence was unbecoming of a student leader. They would be more appreciated and more respected if they bow down to the true want of their constituents; admission of guilt and resignation.

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

One Response to CFAD SC Strikes My Blog Again

  1. chiqsRN says:

    wait… mean sa tagal na ng post mu about the cfad eh ngayon lang sila nag-react? anu ba yun!!?? slow??

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