In 2008, the world shall once again be one global community as we altogether watch the 2008 Beijing Olympics. A sporting event inspired by the ancient Greeks where people participate in various sporting events.  An affair that one must watch at least once in his lifetime.

And the 2008 olympics poses a challenge to the people of the world. China, the host nation of this event,  shall use expats living in China as the torch runners in the olympics (click for more details).

Why not? The last time we had a Pinoy actually bore a torch was during th Tokyo Olympics, and that was a long time ago. Now is a great chance for us to repeat history; a Filipino bearing the torch in an olympics held in an Asian country.

Also, I think that the Filipino deserves a sensible and fresh source of pride. Not that I have anything against Manny Pacquiao, but he is on his waning phase and has, in a way, involved himself in dirty thing because of politics. And Marcos Torres can be that fitting replacement.

C’mon… Mr. Torres is the breather and pride we truly deserve. Vote Na!!!


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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  1. lestercavestany says:

    We certainly need more people we can look up to. Manny Pacquiao is definitely one of them. We need more, many more!

    I voted for the four Pinoy candidates in the contest. People shouldn’t worry that if they vote for the other Pinoys, it might decrease the chances of their favorite one. The polling just a small part of the judging criteria. The final decision will still be made by the panel of judges. And I’m sure they’re going to make their decision based on credentials and aspirations, not on votes. I’ve read the profile of the four candidates and their credentials all look solid. Marco Torres exudes youth and vibrancy. Jaime FlorCruz and Vlad Reyes have a lot of experience in China. Michelle FlorCruz is definitely enjoying life in China. I hope the qualifications don’t require the candidates to be working in China, otherwise Michelle would be disqualified because she’s still a student.

    So why don’t we vote for all four of them and make sure that the panel of judges take notice of them. If they get chosen, it would be a great boost to the image of Filipinos in the world.

  2. reymos says:

    Lester is right and we can vote all of them! These are the links of the rest of the bidders:

  3. Reymos says:

    Congratulations to Marco for winning the competition. Congrats for people who voted him as well. Mabuhay

  4. carlomasajo says:

    it’s cool to know that marco won. this is another feat for the Filipino people.

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