Reality Sucks!

It’s funny how you could see the face of the person you love but can’t hold it. It’s sad when all you can do is stare at it, hoping that perhaps at some point in your lifetime, you can come inches closer to it and say “I love you” in the ears adjacent to it. But it is saddest to have no chance of touching his face but in an imperfect drawing you created.

This evening, I had the rare chance of doing a portrait of the person I once loved. For a few minutes, I had the opportunity to have a full-view of his face with his consent. Every second was gracious; but just as it was gracious, it was painful.  With the full-view of hisface came a full-view of reality; that I was staring at a lifelong-dream I never will have (too bad for me).

But even though I only got more than a few minutes, I am happy. First, because I have my final plate na! Second, I got to see his face, the protruding lines that is contained by the dream I never had, and will never come true. As I stare in this beautiful reality, I can do nothing but fantasize.

“Never thought that I’d love someone that was someone else’s dream…”

-James Morrison, You Give Me Something

P.S.: To my readers, please stay updated as I launch a series of blogs on recipes for the STUDENT leader, and a new story series on love. Thanks for keeping in touch. Comment naman kayo!!!

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

One Response to Reality Sucks!

  1. chiqsRN says:

    ha ako ang una!
    eto lang ang masasabi ko…

    haiz…buhay pag-ibig…

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