Hotdog and Eggs

I am not a seasoned student leader, but I have been given some opportunities to become one. Back at high school, I was SC president. In college, I was head of publications and media affairs of the Central Student Council (AY 2005-2006). I was chairperson of the committees on Rules and Policies and Constitutional Amendments of the Union of Catholic Student Councils (UCSC) (AY 2005-2006). Currently, I am editor in chief of HIRAYA Magazine in CFAD. I don’t know if they are sufficient to coin me as seasoned, but I have experienced leadership at both its best and its worst.

At this point, I am 20 years old, far from my teenage years and far from the aggression that my body once had. I am at an age where I begin to think of so many things, and take responsibility at a different perspective; from the endpoint of a big brother liking the best for his siblings.

At this point as well, I begin to reflect what a student leader should really have. And after years of exposure and moments of thinking, I realized that a student leader only needs two things: HOTDOG and EGGS. I can’t even believe that I will find the answer in my favorite breakfast meal.

I am not trying to be green here. ::laughs::

A student leader needs that HOTDOG to steer their constituency to a new and progressive direction. The hotdog stands for a pole that will lead the way. This also stands for the strong ascendancy provided by pleasured constituents. And I strongly believe that this is relevant. If you are a leader, you must have the support of your followers to govern them; you must also have their support and their trust for you to lead them to where they think you should bring them. Where to bring them is all up to you.

The hotdog cannot be soft; soft enough to not have the moral and political mandate to govern. Nor should the hotdog be stiff; stiff enough to stir a revolution. It must be cooked just right; with enough room to change phases at every situation’s call.

The hotdog must also be firm; firm to resolve any concern and to stand for what it believes in. It should compromise only when necessary and retaliate when it calls for it.

But with hotdog comes another need; EGGS. A student leader must have the EGGS to make things happen. It must have the strength, and the will to make his constituent’s dreams a reality. He must have the EGGS to ensure that he shall stand through his commitments no matter what.

The eggs can’t be raw though, for raw eggs are immature and are inedible. Raw eggs cannot have the mature will to decide and pursue. But it cannot be burned as well, for it may issue weak and wacked judgment. It must be cooked just right. It does not matter if it shall be sunny side up, scrambled, or boiled. It just has to be cooked just right.

Hotdog and eggs are the best breakfast combination. And the same goes with leadership, one cannot go and cannot be delicious without the other. Hotdog without eggs may sound delicious, but a leader with vision without action is not an effective leader. Just the same, eggs without hotdog represents a leader with much action but no direction. His efforts are put to waste.

So, in choosing our leaders, we must ask them, “do you have HOTDOG and EGGS?” It may sound funny, but inform them tht you mean it seriously. For without either, a leader is incomplete. Without both, a leader is not a leader.

To student leaders now, DO WE HAVE HOTDOG AND EGGS?

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

2 Responses to Hotdog and Eggs

  1. Nixxie says:

    TRUE! wow, it’s such a nice thought to be inspired by breakfast; hotdogs and eggs as like leadership, very cute. 😀
    Creative and also inspiring! I love this entry Carlo! 🙂

  2. nikki says:

    awww!! hahahha!!! I LURVE IT! hmm.. (double meaning)? hahahah… ilike it.. very deep.. in a cute way..! GO CARLO! ! 🙂

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