CFAD SC Updates

The SC is still not doing anything. I received a list of all class presidents and their contact information. Good. Now, at least CFAD student leaders would have a chance to communicate amid a ghost student council.

As for the water issue, there have been a lot of improvements. Thanks to the action of CFAD’s very competent dean, Assoc. Prof. Jaime delos Santos and other CFAD administrators. Though there are still some issues of difficulty, life has gone way much better than before. CFAD does not smell like a bottle of ammonia anymore.

Too bad, the SC did not have to do anything in this issue’s resolution. Knowing that the UST election season is just months away, this could’ve been a time for them to pretend that they are doing something. But they have not done anything apart from chatting and their plates. Oh, I forgot. They are sitting down.

I would like to extend my continuing disgust towards the CFAD SC for their continuing inaction. I pray that in the future, they may finally find the energy to move and start working. And I hope that they find this before they  place the entire CFAD student body in peril and themselves in further shame.

What is the moral of this experience? First, that our admin is working. They fixed the concern and had it work in a short time. Second, that our CFAD SC is dysfunctional. They have continuously stoned me for this but I cannot help but become true to myself. And third, if you do not have the moral ascendancy to govern a college, you should RESIGN.

Your credibility is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than a year at the 7th floor.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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